DOWNLOAD Mp3: Joseph Oni ft Mike Zion – Iwoloba

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DOWNLOAD Mp3: Joseph Oni ft Mike Zion - Iwoloba

Gospel Singer, Joseph Oni releases debut single titled “Iwoloba” featuring Mike Zion.

Lagos based music minister, Joseph Oni, has released a fire brand single titled “Iwoloba“. This song is sure to bring you to a place of worship and surrender.

Joseph Oni is a music minister, song writer, and choir director with a strong passion for the lost, and a desire to bring people into the presence of God.
Joseph is a man of the Word and Spirit, and his songs are anointed and can bring fire to a dying soul.
His greatest desire for this generation is to see Jesus glorified in worship experience.

His debut single, “Iwoloba” which means “You are King” is a song of adoration and praise to the Father, acknowledging that He is King over all kings and that He is unqestionable. It’s a song that reminds us of the supremacy of God, that is He is enthroned forever.

Iwoloba was produced by Daniel James for Citadel Records.



Intro : {Tongues)

Chorus :

Iwoloba awon Oba (You are the King of Kings)

Kabioosi o (There is no questioning of You)

Iwoloba awon Oba (You are the King of Kings)

Kabioosi o (There is no questioning of You)

Hosanna loruko re (Hosanna is Your Name)

Olowogbogboro (The One with the outstretched arm )

Aribirabata (The great Lord)

Jesu mi o, Iwo lokan mi yan  (My Jesus, my heart chooses you)

Adlip(Baba Joe):

Onise iyanu loruko re o (Miracle worker is your Name)

Gbanigbani tan saba (Deliverer we run to)

Mighty man in battle

Supreme King

King of Kings

Sovereign Lord

God of gods

Lord of Lords

We bless your name

Because You are King above every other

Mike Zion :

You are the holiest God

You are the greatest 

You are the King, Yahweh

From ages, You are the ancient one

Fire burn before Your throne

You are the King Kadesh

King of kings

Lord of lords

That’s who You are

Holy Lord

You are the highest

You are the mightiest

You are the righteous King

AdLib( Joseph Oni):

Egbe ori yin soke eyin enu ona (Lift your heads O ye gates)

Ani ki a jumo gbe yin soke eyin ilekun ayeraye(And be ye lifted ye everlasting doors)

Ki oba ogo ki o wo inu ile yi wa (Let the King of Glory come in)

Tani oba ogo yi (Who is this King of Glory?)

Olorun to le,to lagbara ni Ogun sa loruko re oo (The Lord strong, Mighty in battle is your Name)

Aragba yamuyamu okunrin Ogun (The one we can’t hold, Mighty man of war)

Onise iyanu (Miracle worker)

Sangiri Lagiri,Olagiri kaka kakaka (The One who thunders, breaking every wall)

Ojikan lu kanpa (Raise one, Beat to death)

Ojikan wo kan ye (Raise one back to life)

Baami Baami to ju baba baba baba nla awon baba won lo o (My Father that is greater than every other fathers)

{Repeat Chorus}


Heaven and earth will worship you

You are Rock of ages

We lift your banner high O God

Yeah…We bless your Name

Lily of the Valley

Rose of Sharon, Bright and Morning Star

Great Deliverer

Daddy,Ololufe Okan mi (The love of my life)


Reign forever King Eternal 

Sing all creation for our God is enthroned forever

Your sceptre O God is a righteous sceptre

For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory

Forever and ever…Amen

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