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My family is growing fast, we are a few hundred away from 4000 on Facebook as a result of your collective effort which is an emblem of assurance that God needed all of my attention in this walk and work of the Kingdom.

Countless emails, sms, Facebook messages and whats-app chats from new and old family members all pointing the fact that 72 hours window period is not enough for the download of my new single titled “FILL ME“. Some said they got the notification late, some were busy and said they could only attend to their phones during weekends, others said they shared the information but their loved ones have not acknowledged they downloaded the new single yet.

I understand. It is a round table feast and everyone will eat and be satisfied content-wise.

My manager [Chris Victor Ikom] also stressed the need to give more room for the exclusive download and I understand that too.

The 72 hours will end today by 11:pm Nigerian time. We are adding more 168 hours for the download link to remain active. Only your email is required to gain access to “FILL ME”

Please do not forget to share when you confirm your blessings.


Click the link, – it will take you to the landing page

you will see three dots [] upright corner of your phone, It is a drop down menu.

Click on the dots – you will see few options inclusive a download button.

Click on it, type in your email and BOOM!…

Your email connects you to newer songs update,


I am waiting to hear and respond to your feedback on my Facebook comment section at


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