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Comfort Sanda-Deshi is a Nigerian gospel music minister,singer,songwriter,music director,teacher…who has been into music since childhood days till now hails from kaduna state,a graduate of ABU Zaria.

My music ministry and debut album was birthed as a result of inspiration from the Holy Spirit and my burning desire to worship music comes through dreams and meditation of God’s words.

My mandate is to bring the lost souls back to God through my music.
I dropped my 1st single track titled“Jehovah open my case file” in march 2020 and another single titled”Faithful God” on 25th May 2020 which has produced great testimonies.

This time around “Duniyan nan” is coming just before the Album launch in September as a song for revival saying what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul!

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kuna da gidaje a duniyan nan(you have houses in this world),kuna da motoci a duniyan nan,(you have cars in this world),in baku da Yesu a rayuwar ku(if you don’t have Jesus in your life),yan’uwa lallai kun yi asara,(indeed brethren you have lost all things).

kuna da ilimi a duniyan nan(if you have all the knowledge in this world, kuna da sutura a duniyan nan(if you have clothings in this life),idan kuna da Yesu a rayuwar ku(if you have Jesus in your life),kuna da rai madawami(you have life everlasting).
Chorus:duniyan nan za ta shudde(this world will pass away) wata rana za ya dawo(some day Jesus will come back)2x

Verse 2:Al’amurai suna ta faruwa(so many evil things are happening),masu bi na ta bijire wa(believers are backsliding),mugunta na ta karuwa(wickedness is on the increase),masu bi sai mu jimrai(believers we must endure),oh ya Yesu(oh Jesus),oh ya Yesu(oh Jesus),oh ya Yesu Kayi mana jinkai(oh Jesus show us mercy),Ubangiji gamu nan gaban Ka(lord,we are before you),Ka sa mu sake dawo ta farkinka(make us come back to your ways).

Back to chorus
Bridge:ku masu yin sata(oh ye thieves repent),ku masu yin gulma(gossips repent), ku masu yin kisa(murderers repent),Yesu na kira(Jesus is calling),ku ma zinata(fornicators repent),ku masu yin karya( liars repent),ku masu guna-guni(oh ye that complain repent),ku ma shaya(drunkards repent),kowa da kowa(everyone repent),Yesu na kira(Jesus is calling).

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