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Once again urban Rapper Cris kester drops a song on his birthday titled “Random thoughts” . Like the title goes, kester was basically saying Random stuff that comes to mind. The vibe on this song indeed will leave you grooving to this Afro tune with No Chorus.


Produced by Steve Rawd

Mixed and mastered by S2J

Twitter/ instagram : @cris_kesta

Nationality: Nigerian

Art work: @Jabbowak Designs



What’s up people, ehmm you know how it is

I just want to do something you know , just some random thoughts

And I heard this beat and I was like menh

This is really cool menh

Shout out to Steve Rawd on this one you know

This is basically just my random thoughts you know


One time for G. O. D, two times for my hommies

Three times for the folks who show support like they owe me

I can’t care less, that would be careless

Na person wey know how to fight na him dey tear vest.

I choose to follow God before I got to lead

We the best, Calm down menh i’m not Khalid

study hard angel Michael no be majid grace sufficient but a man got to read

So be careful with the Doctrines, make sure they are sound

Cause buns no be egg roll even though e round

Masquerade won climb wall but him no be Spider Man

See I’m proud of my faith, Na Jehovah be the man

I flow like the Nile, metaphor no be lie

To all the ladies who love God respect I’m guy.

So live in the moment, pray like a prophet

Careful with the lies labalaba no be rocket

I mine my own business, my business is mine

The sun is big enough for the whole world to shine

try to take another man’s light, Shey you be NEPA?

I don’t do beef menh mackerel is better

Life gave me those punches like mayweather, things been dry like my lips on a cold weather

I trek so tey my shoe self win medal

Pain was my best friend we were like brothers

Now So sad like when a love one past away, I was lost in a cruel world cast away

I was trying to find the future in yesterday

Now things don dey stew I get the yes to today

Yeah That’s how it is, I pray for my family, home and over seas

Live that life, care for the needy

Ungratefulness comes with a little touch of greedy

Do that work pray for the cheese

Cause cat wey they hide no dey really enjoy breeze

Yeah menh I feel like its holiday

Every body wonna blow omo hurry dey

Take a time out sip that juice

Life got limits break those rules

Even though na keke omo take that cruise

The Bible got content give me that book

I’m a black man with a Godly vibe

I speak the heavenly plus I blend it with the tribe

I don’t care about my speed baba God self dey drive

Thank God for the little big ones go arrive

It’s a merriment something, shine that teeth toast to the most high move those feet

Baba God I hail o, your son dey greet

Anything wey you no like I press delete

I’m playful like a kid though I got no toys

I’m in my spiritual mood I dey hear God’s voice

I dey see plenty blessings I dey make right choice

I’m the real superman please where’s my Lois?

I’m strange right? Yeah Call me Ben ten

Where all my little kids let’s play ten ten

Let’s take a walk stone that mango

Play in the sand now Amarya da ango

Shoot every trouble sheriff bani jango

I’m proud of my fatherland even though I gand go

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