DOWNLOAD Music: DaBoomsha – Hold Your Head (ft. Tony Grammz)


This is the official trailer for the Rebel Muzik Mixtape Vol.2 dropping next month!

HipHop Luminary/TV Show Host DaBoomsha finally addresses the public with this lyrical masterpiece baring his mind on critical issues in the music industry.

“Hold Your Head” features a cameo appearance by Zambian Rapper, Tony Grammz and was mixed and mastered by Illwill (South Africa)

Intro (Tony Grammz)
hey word up..word up
its your man,Tony Grammz
representing SoGood Entertainment
out of Zambia
most importantly representing Jesus Christ
shoutout to my Man,Rapsodee AKA DaBoomsha
on this Rebel Muzik 2 Mixtape
You are blessed for copping this

Verse 1
This is my heart,my hustle
my energy and my muscle
im hustling and i jostle
my hustle is kinda russel
people are kinda hostile
when ur preaching shekinah gospel
dats reaching the wider circles
they be hating and tryna hush you
Radio stations that hold the aces
need motivation
with only a few exceptions
the money is all they taking
making it happen in rapping
is taking a lotta patience
why they making it so hard to make it
my people are tired of waiting
aint no conversations
or making improper statements
we repping the God of ancients
why are we keeping the Father waiting?
its time for action
straight mashing..gate crashing
breaking even in this ministry
takes passion
pedigree is irrelevant
when ur riding with brethren
being a part of the body
its a must that you settle in
this ministry’s got benefits
we aint in it for the hell of it
so manifest Christ in your lyrics
forget the rhetorics

I just wanna talk to the people
dont lose it…
hold your head,Soulja

verse 2
we gotta keep kicking
keep pressing..keep pushing
military mind
life aint a pin cushion
the pain,stress and the drama
can get ur wig pushed in
swim in these oceans
just live with your fins open
we banging on they doors
even if they wont let us in
we fellowship
with the holy Ghost
and get replenishmnet
we heavensent
tailor made for the job
and we finish it
we under their skins like skeletons
the business aspect to the music,dawg
is crucial
the benefits to the artiste
and the marketer must be mutual
building companies outta youthgroups
produce fruit
our theology gotta be foolpropof
whether or not they like it
we making sure that they buy it
marketing and promotion
we got it all to a science
coming up with a strategy
stay in touch wt the paraclete
we gotta be
label executives with a higher creed
rely upon
only Christ to help conquer leviathan
the fire’s on
repping the kingdom till the messiah comes
hold your head,kid
never lose it,getting kosher bread
at the same time..keep it gospel
till a soulja dead
Hold ya head
even if some people disrespect u,black
hold ya head
there’s always a few who will accept you
a lotta people waiting
anticipating the album
rapsody and cikko
the maxrixx EP is now done



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