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Poet and songwriter, Dami Maverick releases a new single titled “Gush”, featuring Kunle Kenny, Defayo, Fidel & Fiyin Adeniyi.

A rainy evening and friends worshipping birthed a song specially crafted to stir up devotional fervently.

GUSH” is a gospel song written and produce to encourage Christians, and indeed everyone who listens, to pray.

Dami Maverick’s desire is to minister the message of Christ via every art medium possible.


Listen to “Gush” below;

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And be not drunk with wine wherein is excess

But be filled with the Spirit

Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs

Gush after gush

Wave after wave

Holy Ghost, rain

Gush after gush

Wave after wave

Holy Ghost, rain


The days of your glory are here

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh


There is an overflow

An overflow in me

There is a well deep

Deeper than the oceans


Oh I am drenched

I am drenched by the rain of the Spirit


For with stammering lips and another tongue

He will speak to these people

To whom He said

This is the rest with which you may cause the weary to rest

And this is the refreshing…



I am one with Christ

I am joined to Christ

I am the temple of the Holy Spirit

I am in the fullness of the Father

I am drenched in the overflow

This is where I live

I am at home in His fullness

My eyes are flooded with light

I am washed by the Spirit’s rain


I’ve taken of the water

I’ve taken, I’ve tasted

I’ve drunk and I’m full

Never thirst again

Never thirst again

Oh oh oh oh oh

That’s what it is

It’s who I am

I’m full

I’m full of the water

Oh oh oh oh oh

Lazarus is awakened

We have received deathless life

The prodigal son has returned home

He has been fed

He has been clothed

Not a servant

Now a son

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