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CHUKWU” is a song written from the alter of “brokenness” and “worship” to God by an anointed minstrel David Yte. “CHUKWU” meaning GOD delivered in English and Igbo ( an eastern Nigerian language) garnished and embellished with the tongues of angels and heavenly presence, coupled with great and powerful vocal excellence and skillfulness.

CHUKWU” is a slow-temple/contemporary soft rock power packed worship. As you listen to this song, get ready to be tuned into the frequency of a deeper realm for an encounter thereby experiencing the mighty power and the glory of God. Please share as we await your testimonies like others around the universe.

Be blessed for ever! – David Yte



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Uhu-hu-hu-hu hu-hu hu-

Uhu-hu-hu-hu hu hu hu- hu

hu hu hu-

Oh-oh-oh-oh oh-oh oh

Oh oh oh oh oh-oh oh oh oh- oh oh oh –

Hard libbing

Chukwu Oma hey God

Onyekachi Onyedika Chukwu oh

Hallelujah to Jesus – Halleluja to Jesus


Chukwu Odigoyendikagi

Nara ekele mjibia ibu ikemo ohu oho

Chimo Odigoyendikagi

There’s no one else like you lord oh!

You mean more than the whole world

Chukwu Odigoyendikagi daddy mo

Nara ekele mjibia ibu ikemo you’re my strength

Chimo Odigonyedikagi eze

There’s n one else like you lord oh!

You mean more than the whole world to me.


Violin & Tongues

Verse 1

Marvelous and powerful you are oh oh!

Glorious and faithful you are yehe yeee

Okemuo Chukwu Oma that’s what you are oh oh!

My whole life is a scarifies to you only God

None like my God oh! my soul rejoice to you oh oh!

None like my God all my life I’ll sing unto you

Refrain Chorus

Chukwu Odigoyendikagi yehe yeh oh God

Take all the praise oh!

Take all the glory that i have come with

Chimo oh oh oh oh!

Odigoyendikagi oh daddy mo oh!

No one no one on earth can be like you


You mean more than the whole world to me (5x)

Hard libbing


Without you God I’m useless oh!

You mean you mean everything God


Hallelujah to Jesus (2x)


In you do i put my trust

No one is like you

Bridge (10x)

Hard libbing fade out…….



Minister David Yte is a lover of Christ Jesus who hailed from the eastern Nigerian part of the country based in Lagos Nigeria.

He is a true worshiper of Jesus Christ,recording artiste, song writer, worship leader and a vocal coach. He is the originator of a genre ‘I.G.C‘ an acronym for Inspirational Gospel Contemporary which is a mixture and blend of soul classical jazz and indigenous blues.

David Yte is a trained and skillful minstrel using his most treasured and precious gift in serving the lord. His message is love, salvation and the power of God in Christ Jesus. Some of his previous songs are IBUCHUKWU, HIGHER and THE LIVING GOD which are online and on radio. His aim is to see Christ exhorted and highly lifted in his generation

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