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Debby’s latest single ‘He’s Alive‘ produced by Tony Frost is a song released unto her by the Holy Spirit while communing with God. It is a groovy song released to celebrate the life and death of Jesus Christ for the sacrifice He paid on the cross and it also reminds us of the glory that awaits us at the end of our race here on earth as believers.

“There would have been no Christianity without the resurrection of Jesus Christ. His resurrection gave us life, hope, joy and freedom. If you have never at any point met with the Lord or believe His son Jesus Christ, do not delay. Heaven is real and Jesus is real! I pray this song blesses your heart and cause you to remember and fully understand the love Jesus Christ has for you.” – Debby Olusoga

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He’s alive
He’s alive
He died to safe us
He’s alive. 2ce
Verse 1:
His name is Jesus
The son of God
The anointed one sent by the holy one of Israel
The son of God
Delivered into the hands of men
Yeah He died and rose again and
Alive forevermore
Verse 2:
Most blessed one
The king of kings
You overcome
You have won the victory
The son of God came to save us from sins
He’s coming back for me and
He’ll reign forevermore

Death could not hold him
He has conquered the grave
Because He lives am alive
Because He lives I can live
Because He lives am alive.

He’s alive
He’s alive
He died to safe us
He’s alive. 2ce

~ Written and arranged by Debby Olusoga

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