DOWNLOAD Music: Devin Turner – Butterfly (ft. Danni)


Butterfly is a narrative about a woman who has
too often settled for mediocre and abusive
relationships, but soon finds her reason for
existence in a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Realizing her value in this relationship with Christ
causes her to make lifestyle changes and to live with a certainty that she can have a healthy
relationship with a man who will respect and honor
her the way that she deserves. This song
communicates the fact that all women are beautiful,
made in the image of God and have a purpose that
He created them for.

Many hip-hop songs paint the picture that women
are to be degraded and are to settle for low
expectations in a relationship with a man. The
metaphor that the song illustrates is that a woman
with a “caterpillar” mentality will let the cocoon of
society and popular opinion define her existence but a “butterfly” mentality bursts out of the cocoon
of this mindset and soars high in the assurance of
purpose and existence that can only be found first
and foremost in a relationship with Christ.


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