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Dr kambs is an anointed gospel music minister from northeastern part of Nigeria. He has written great songs like – “The name Jesus”, “Higher than the highest “, “strong and mighty God ” etc which are commonly sang in various churches today to God’s glory. In this piece “yesu na gode”( Jesus I’m grateful) , he is appreciating God for countless blessings in his life despite his limitations also acknowledging God as the only reason for his existence and breakthrough


Facebook l: John kambs

Email: [email protected]

Song lyrics :

Verse 1: Uba na duba sama da kasa

Naga abubuwan da kayi, na kuma duba cikin rayuwata naga alherinka

Ubangiji mai Iko yesu na gode

Ubangiji mai Iko uba na gode

Chorus : Godiya ne na kawo

Sujada ne na kawo

Na kawo a gabanka yesu na gode

Verse 2: Kaine masoyi na

Ka share hawaye na

Ka bani sabon rai

Ka bani warkaswa

Salama da farin ciki uba na gode

Salama da farin ciki yesu na gode

Bridge : I am nothing without you

I’m nothing without you (2x)

Intelute: we gonna give God thanks and praise from inner we soul to the outside

For the good things He’s done to us.

Chorus repeated.

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