DOWNLOAD Music: Emela Hope – Wonderful Jesus

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DOWNLOAD Music: Emela Hope - Wonderful Jesus

My name is EMELA HOPE ODINAKACHUKWU, I’m from Oguta Local Government Area in Imo State Nigeria. I was born on Wednesday 28th of September 1996.
Presently I live in Italy where I went to mechanical engineering school at IAL Lombardi Cremona.



Facebook: Spero Emela

Instagram: @emela.spero

Twitter: @odinakachukwuh2


Years ago when I was with my parents, we used to have a quiet time every morning, where my parents always point out every one of us to lead on praise and worship, there I began to learn how to sing, and create passion for songs before I started attending children class in my local church.

I thought it will end there, but the deep love and burning passion I created for music coupled with the knowledge I got began to push me forward to the extent I can never be in a church without joining the choir and not just joining, but to take up the leadership where I can have the bright atmosphere of worship.


 Well, before I thought it was just a mere dream but each time I ministered in my local church or some places where I was called to minister, after my ministration one or two persons will come to me with a message of what God told them about my ministration, many pastors ministered to me also, I remember one of my friend used to tell me " Hope if you allow this gift to die you will go to hell" but I didn't take it serious till when it started creating a vacuum in my soul.

 <strong>ANY CHALLENGES</strong>?
 The first challenges I encountered was procrastination, secondly lack of financial backup and a good producer.

I got my first song in 2011 but procrastination coupled with the two others dragged it until October 2020 when I went to minister in a program in one church, after my ministration, God ministered to me for the second time through the mouth of His servant and after that day all the yokes of my challenges was broken.


I was really inspired by some gospel artists like Frank Edward, Benjamin Dube, Elijah Oyelade, Travis Greene, Don Moen etc.


I wish that my voice will be heard all over the world, in giving glory and lifting Only the Names of God, healing the sick, inspiring souls and giving hope to the homeless 🙏
Lastly I want to give all the glory to the almighty God who gave me this gift and the power to exploit it.

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DOWNLOAD Music: Emela Hope - Wonderful Jesus
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