DOWNLOAD Music: Emmy Wonder – Sai Mu Raira + Shaidan Ka Yi Latti

Dr. Emmanuel Olufemi Tinuoye (stage name Emmywonder is a singer, songwriter, guitar player and choir director.
Emmy Wonder: He is also a worship and praise leader who believes deeper worship flows within your heart, He also believes it is what you do in your secret altar of worship that reflects on the outside(especially on the stage).

Emmywonder who earlier began his music career and first recording in 2013 when he composed Tehilah(Meaning the highest praise)and Powerful God together with other persons in his singing group(Living Sound University of Maiduguri).
He was born in Maiduguri (Borno State) Nigeria. He is from Erin-ile, oyun local government area of Kwara state., He developed a love for Gospel Music and studying of the word through his Parent & his brother Peter Tinuoye.
He graduated from the University of Maiduguri as Veterinary Medicine Doctor..
He developed an uncommon interest for Gospel, soul, Funk, Christian R & B and Contemporary worship music Genres or style of music and began listening & imitating some Musician like Nathaniel Bassey, Shirley Caeser, Frank Edward Victoria Orenze, Tye Tribett, Don Moen, James Fortune, Travis Greene, William Murphy, Kurt Carr, J.moss, Timi Dakolo, Tim Godfrey

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DOWNLOAD Music: Shaidan Ka Yi Latti (Satan You’re Too Late)

DOWNLOAD Music: Sai Mu Raira (Let’s Praise)

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Whatsapp: 08138780443

Instagram: TinuoyeEmmywonder

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48 thoughts on “DOWNLOAD Music: Emmy Wonder – Sai Mu Raira + Shaidan Ka Yi Latti

  1. God bless you sir… It’s really inspiring.. More grace.. See you at the top… Daughter Of The Desert Seer 1..Shalom!!!

  2. What a great song. May the Lord continue to increase his fresh oil upon you. Your generation shall hear your voice and celebrate You

  3. Souls winner is ur new name broo…..more blessing in ur ministry and abundance of blessing shall always be wit u amen……JMARK cares

    1. Shaidan Ka Yi Latti (Satan you’re too late)
      Lyrics by Emmywonder

      Thank you Jesus
      For your grace
      For your love,oh God!
      You’re worthy Jesus.

      Thank you Jesus
      thank you Jesus
      we glorify your name
      glorify your name.
      Yesu mungode
      kai ka Isa yabo
      ka Isa yabo

      (Interlude with Psalms 126:1-2)

      Through my praying nights
      my weeping days
      through my test, trials & temptations
      I’m still standing
      I’m still here

      (Repeat chorus)

      Yesu, yesu, yesu (Jesus)
      Gani gaban ka da wakar godiya (Here before you with my Thanksgiving song)
      Gani Gaban ka da wakar yabo
      (Here before you with my praise song)

      Shaidan Ka Yi Latti (Satan you’re too late)
      Ka Yi Latti (You are too late)
      Ka Yi Latti…(you are too late)

      Psalms 24:7 Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.

      Psalms 24:10 Who is this King of glory? The LORD of hosts, he is the King of glory. Selah.Sai Mu Raira (LET US SING) Lyrics by Emmywonder

      We bless you Jesus…

      Sai Mu Raira (Let us sing)
      Godiyan mu (our appreciation)
      wa yesu (to Jesus)
      Sai Mu Raira (Let us sing)
      yabon mu (our praises)
      wa yesu (to Jesus)

      The Lion and the Lamb, Ancient of days,
      beginning & the end you are..,
      You are God over all
      you’re still in control
      redeemer of life you are
      Demons will tremble
      at the sound of your name
      what a powerful God you are..

      (Repeat Chorus)

      Awimayehun Oba(The one who says and does it)
      Gbogbo aiye juba re(All the earth bow down and worship you)
      Aterere kari aiye o(The one who owns the whole universe)
      Gbogbo aiye juba re(All the earth bow down and worship you)
      You make all things new Yes ,
      you make all things new & I
      Will follow you forward

      Nla, nla (mighty)
      Lo Oluwa(Is the Lord)

  4. Thank You All for these great messages I’m indeed honored, God will favour you all in Jesus name. Amen

  5. More grace sir,

    i need the original chord progression of the song “shaidan ka yi latti” this song will be our conference anthem. i am deeply inspire by the song, so i need to inspire other in my community too,

    so sir i seriousely need the cord.

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