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A die-hard lover of God, with a God-given passion for music who started singing as a child. Every song from her was received either during deep worship or Word ministration.

Oghene doh, the first single to be released publicly by Fymillion is a song of gratitude and worship. It is so named because that is how the Holy Spirit sent it. The spirit and lyrics of the song are unique and soulful. It is a passionate expression of appreciation and worship.

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Verse 1
For the love, for the life
For the way and the day
For the wealth and the health
For the gifts and the lifts
For the grace, the embrace
For the church and the touch
For the hedge and the edge that you gave
I say


Oghene doh
Oghene doh
Oghene doh ooo *2

(Lord we are grateful ooo, we give you the glory eee)


For the chance to live again
For the rain and your reign
For the song that we sing

For the Word who is the Son, and the Sword of the Spirit, who you gave that we may be redeemed I say

Oghene doh
Oghene doh
Oghene doh ooo *2

(Lord you’ve been faithful, we give the glory)

Doh doh, Oghene doh ooo
Doh doh Oghene doh oooo

(For the life you give, for the joy you bring, we give you the glory)

Doh doh Kiri doh doh doh Kiri doh
Doh doh Kiri doh doh doh Kiri doh

Chorus till it fades


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