DOWNLOAD Music: Hope Ehitare – Lord You Reign (ft. Mreal Morgan)

Hope Ehitare is a contemporary and sensational gospel artist popularly known as hope p, he hailed from Esan west Edo state Nigeria. He was born on 25th of February 1992, in the family of 5 being the 5th son, he started his musical ministration at the age of 9. His enthusiasm for singing, song writing and playing of instruments(piano, drum) was inevitable, which gives him the drive to minister in choir, and several outstanding programs. In a bid to extol the reign of God globally he found it imperative to release his debuted new single titled LORD YOU REIGN, Lord you reign is a spirit filled and soul lifting song which edifies the supremacy of God without limit. If you want to restore the reign of God LORD YOU REIGN is the best song for you.




              You reign 

         Still you reign 

In all the earth …. idi ebube

        Lord you reign 

         Still you reign 

In all the earth…..idi ebube

       Oh oh oh oh 

 Oh oh oh oh idi ebube 

      Oh oh oh oh

  Oh oh oh oh idi ebube    solo.  Sing lord you reign 

CHORUS Lord you reign

Solo. You reign…….

All Still you reign

Solo. In all the earth…

All. In all the earth….

Solo. in all… the earth

All. Idi ebube

Solo. We sing you reign

All. Lord you reign

Solo. we love you

All. Still you reign…

Solo. In all the earth

All. In all the earth…

Solo. Idi ebube

All. Idi ebube

Solo. Sing oh….

All. oh oh oh oh…

Solo. we sing oh h oh…

All. Oh oh oh oh..idi ebube

Solo. We still sing oh oh oh

All. Oh oh oh oh…idi ebube

VERSE : Am nothing without you,

Hopeless without Eze moooo idiebube

Am nameless without you hopeless without you Eze moo odumegwu Judah

What will i become, if not for you ooo idiebube, ifnot for your grace where would I have ooo idiebube

Thank you for your glory thank you for your mercy

Thank you for you grace

Idiebube (repeatedly)

Thank you for your glory thank you for your blessings thank you for your grace lord.

THE MESSAGE (SPEACH) : give him all the praise, speak to the atmosphere let the word of God come into your heart, and deliver every thing you have to do

I don’t know what you are passing through , I don’t know your situation, your predicament, speak into the atmosphere and you shall have it

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