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I’m a young Nigerian hailing from the southern part of Kaduna state. Sometime ago, I literally prayed to God to bless me with a sound in Hausa, then He gave me Sujada!
Sujada means worship and its basically a song of adoration to God for who He is in love and grace!

The song was inspired from scripture in John 4:24 expressing the fact that there’s really nothing in the whole world that’s worth giving to God but our worship which must be in Spirit and Truth.

Lastly, having Safely walked through the hills and valleys of the shadows of death in this year 2020, I believe the only thing we can give God is Sujada!
I pray this sound ministers to your hearts as it has to mine, Amen



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Ni na zauna, na duba rayuwa
(I sat down and looked at life)
Na gani babu abinda ni zan iya baka(x2)
(I saw that there’s nothing that I can give You)

Sai na koma Litafi cikin Yohanna
(Then I went back to the Bible in John)
Sai na gane abin da ni zan iya baka…(x2)
(Then I understood what I could give You)

Ganinan, ya Yesu ganinan da sujada
(Here I am oh Jesus here I am with worship)
Ni na zo na durkusa a gareka yau
(I have come to bow before You today)
Ganinan, ya Yesu ganinan a gabanka
(Here I am oh Jesus here I am before you)
Ni na zo na durkusa a gareka yau…
I have come to bow before You today)

Ni na kawo, Sujada da girma
(I bring Worship and exaltation)
Don kaunar ka ya Yesu, Babu misali…
(Because Your Love oh Jesus is incomparable)

Ni na kawo, Daukaka da yabo
(I bring glory and praise)
Don alherin ka Yesu, Babu iyaka…
(Because Your grace Oh Jesus is unlimited)

Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh

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