From the stables of King Of Heaven Records, comes Canadian Hip Hop artist JAM, as he releases his newest single “W.G.E (World’s Gonna End)”.

W.G.E,” JAM takes into account the global state of the world to remind us that despite what we are going through, individually, we each have a purpose and destiny to fulfill before our time is up. He decrees this mandate with finesse while displaying his technical skills at the highest level. He dances on the beat with his words, his speed and every inflection is a plea for this generation
to rise up.

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Watch Lyrics Video Below:

dey telling us to segregate,
dey bringing back apartheid,
6ft minimum, be a light to da dark side..
Life in da fast lane,

but I don’t want da car ride,
Standing on da rock wit Alexa,
givin you a hard vibe..
Situation got da mask n I’m covering all,
salutations from Wakanda you gettin it y’all..

I advance n watch dey limits expire by fall,
someone somewhere dey responsible dropping da ball..
Is dis a farce, all for unification, ain’t down wit it,
started off sparse, n it bloomed every nation, profound wit it..
Dey say da world gonna end,
but ya problems ain’t da end tho..

You thinking high of yourself,
where you get it from Nintendo??
Show me da way dat it slice,
show me da stats, is dis da end?!?..
Take all your problems to Christ,
let him redact, every sin..
Show me da way dat you contemplate,
quantum states now as you concentrate..

Quantify da cost of living divided by da deaths n procreate..
Show me da way n we breaking out,
blatant now what we chasing down..
Did you forget we was running a race,
all the colors n shapes its crazy wow..
Dey say da world gonna end,
…but not till I do my due..
..Shout it from da mountain tops HE’s coming to save,
take it da bank n cash dat rose from the grave..
HE ain’t be sayin it’s finished chill,
toss all da jazz out like Uncle Phil..
I be, rockin, wit a, groove,
n it’s, mine, get in, line..
How you, wanna, set da, mood,
not con-cerned, wit da, news..
All da, lies, n half, truths,
I just, declare, what HE, says,
n HE, says HE’s, coming, soon!!
HE’s coming back!!

Hook [Rep 2x]

Dey say the worlds gonna end,
but ya problems ain’t da end of it..
Dey say the worlds gonna end,
let us all learn from it..


Facebook: greatnessnamedjam

Twitter: JAMofChosenFew

Instagram: greatnessnamedjam

Short Biography:

JAM is a hip hop artist based in Ottawa, Ontario. He started writing at the age of 13 and he was heavily influenced by urban pop culture, thus creating a style of his own. Since having given his life over to Christ, JAM has been ministering using his gift in music, within the gospel

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