DOWNLOAD Music: John Adoyi – Blessing Everywhere

The prolific gospel artist and lead vocalist, known for his unique style and filled with ever increasing presence of God, releases a song of gratitude and praise.

The song is a declaration and confession of God’s promises and abundance towards mankind (Gen 12:2) (Deut 28:2-6). Have it at the back of your mind that the word of the Lord is always fulfilled no matter how life treats you at the moment (2Cor 9:8) (Jer 17:7-8). Declare the word, worship, praise and dance to this song.



In me is an unction Blessing unstoppable Miracle unbreakable Because I carry it in my DNA As you can see-e-e (God has been (blessing me 3x)) 2x


Blessing everywhere Following me everywhere
See the hand of the Lord all over my own life All over my life See the hand of God all over my own life All over my life
Blessing Overload oh Over load oh Blessing Overdose oh Overdose Blessing Overflow oh Overflow oh Blessing Overtake oh Overtake oh

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Follow me 4x Go-oooo Follow me 4x Go-oooo
When you see me You see favor When you help me You help favor When you touch me You touch favor When you embrace me Embrace` favor

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14 thoughts on “DOWNLOAD Music: John Adoyi – Blessing Everywhere

  1. God bless you brother you I remember when during our nysc am hearing your song , am there too together we praise God. Amen.

  2. Nice Praise her John ÓYINÉM you Try..
    More ➕ inspiration Brotherly..
    The Kingdom we Proclaim, His Coming we Await.. Jesus we Celebrate..

  3. More inspiration bro. Thank you for blessing me with your music.
    May the universe forever remain kind to you sir!


  4. As the songs implies Blessing everywhere the song is really blessing everyone that listen to it. The God of blessing everywhere will reward you and make your songs to be heard all over the world in Jesus name.

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