DOWNLOAD Music: John Adoyi – Like Incense

After the successful release of his first single title UKPAHI OJO (The Power of God), the minstrel known for his unique style releases his second single title Like Incense.

The song expresses the flaming desire to offer a sincere, unadulterated and serene worship to God (Exo30:8, 37 Rev 5:8). It focuses our attention towards not just offering worship but to worship with flavor, worship with sweetness, worship with taste, worship beyond boundaries (2Cor2:15). Such are the kind of worship that provokes God to action.



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Let my worship

Like incense rise to You

Like sweet smelling savor

To You Darling Savior

Let it rise, oh rise, rise to You


We bow to You Ya-h-weh

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19 thoughts on “DOWNLOAD Music: John Adoyi – Like Incense

  1. I Love this music is an inspiration son ❤️ that brings you close to your God, and make seek the face of God. is good to listening to the song he will take you to your destiny place.

  2. Wow… The long awaited is finally here. #likeincense is really an inspirational song. I think if all the youths can memorize this song it will give them a forcus on what God need from the youths, an Unadulterated worship…. LIKE INCENSE
    More grace brother

  3. Like incense rise to you.

    So edifying! God bless you, John. God bless the works of you voice.

  4. it didnt come as a suprise to me that this song has so much power in it…not for the sake that he is my friend but the truth must be said.. i believe in JOHN ADOYI

  5. I have nothing much to say, but am sure I will see you on stage soon. The Lord is your light shine on. NACC.. corps members from Christ

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