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The song LOVE talks about Gods unfailing love for us his children, how despite our unfaithfulness He still finds a way of showing us LOVE, this song is lased with an hausa chorus which says “What have a done to deserve Your LOVE, Whats worth more than thanks is what i would give You”

Kaestrings born Kingsley Innocent is a Northern Based Gospel Artist, who became popular with his single “Gashinan” which became an anthem at the Hallelujah Challenge hosted on Instagram by Nathaniel Bassey. Kaestrings is an Undergraduate of Fine Arts at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and also a Member of the Koinonia Worship Team Zaria.

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Stanza 1

I’m not worthy of your love

You showered me with blessings from above, 

Nothing i will do will ever make me worthy of you. 

But you love me anyway 

When i tried to leave you said my child stay, 

What did i do to deserve your love,  what did i do. 


Me na yi da ka so ni haka x3 (what have i done to deserve this love) 

Abin da ya fi godiya shi ne zan baka. (any thing i get more than a heart of gratitude is what i will offer) 

Stanza 2

And i fall some times

Wonder why I’m on this earth in the first place, 

But then i look to the sky and cry adonai and you still answer my call. 

I say sorry all the time, 

And still go back to the crime, 

But you love  me any way, 

You love me any way, what did i do to deserve your Love, what did i do to deserve your love, coz nothing i will ever do will make me worthy of you,  me na yi,  me na yi, me nayi o o o o


Me na yi da ka so ni haka x3

Abin da ya fi godiya shi ne zan baka x2


La la la la la la la la la la la, la la la,  la la la, la la la la la la la la. 


Rayuwa Rayuwa ta na baka x2  (i offer my life) 

Sujada sujada ta na baka x 2 ( i offer my worship) 

Hada godiya,  godiya ta na baka x2 ( i offer my gratitude) 



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