DOWNLOAD Music: Lami Silva – Ironla (Big Lie)


AGUNKEJOYE, Olamide Silva [Lami Silva] hails from
Ondo State of Nigeria,
born into a family of six (6) as first of four (4)
children. He started
doing music way back in his childhood at a tender
age of seven (7) in the Church children Choir which he eventually grew to
lead. At the age of
sixteen (16) he had learnt to play the Piano and
and then the guitar. He
has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from
the University of BENIN but continues to pursue his musical passion. He  is
signed to a Record
Label – Otone Entertainment.

Ironla (Big Lie)/Thank You is a song of Celebration,
appreciation and hope
– written for everyone who has been through
‘stuffs’ and know that only God
could’ve seen them through. Its a song that
acknowledges the goodness of God and helps you say thank you – and profoundly
too. If people didn’t
think you could be where you are today, then this
song is for you. If
people don’t think you can be any better than you
are now, this song is also for you.

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