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Pretty Girl is call to consecration and purity having the understanding that our body is the temple of God because we are the bride of Christ . “Body no be fire wood” as some say but it’s the temple of God. There is grace in Christ Jesus to live above the dictates of the flesh and worldly patterns. Trust God that this will bless.
Tracking of this song was done on a phone 🙈


Verse : she looks so nice but the devil wanna ruin her life
Sister you can really please God
Though the world may tell you lies
I know the pressure might come so many times
But would you flee

Pre chorus: Don’t give in
To the voice of world
Don’t give in
To the voice flesh
Don’t give in
To the voice of Flesh
Don’t give Don’t give in

Chorus: Pretty Girl
You body is the temple of God x4
Ta ra ra
Bridge : oh oh oh oh oh
Verse : Pretty Girl
This is my word to you now
You don’t have to go the way of the world
You are blessed beautiful wonderful made
Glory God

Pre chorus (same pre chorus above)

Chorus(same chorus above)


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