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Adegboyega Opeyemi Philips known as Opephils is a minister of God’s word whose songs have blessed many lives across Nigeria and beyond. Her inspiration is entrenched in the living word of God inspirited through her encounters with the Holy Spirit, these are evident in most of her songs.

Satisfy is a new song born out of the desire for an experience, not just an infilling of the Holy Spirit but also an outburst of His Spirit likened to a flowing river through which those who are thirsty for more of God can drink and quench their thirst.

The song produced by Horlippy is an expectation, a yawning for satisfaction, a groaning for more of God. Often times, the mortal man thinks he knows all of God until God unveils another dimension of His depth to him. God is inexhaustible, hence the reason we crave for Satisfaction.

“Having discovered that as much depth of the Holy Spirit I have been enjoying, I always longed for more, wanted a deeper and greater measure of Him. So one day, I was on a business trip when the Holy Spirit visited me as usual. There was this unspeakable excitement of a newer dimension of Himself revealed to me and at that point, I wanted more as my case was likened to that of Jacob’s, wrestling with the Angel when he determined never to let Him go, until he was blessed. In this same vein, I caught the revelation of this song SATISFY“.

By listening to this song, your live will be filled with an ever increasing and deeper measure of the Holyghost when likened to a well and a flowing river through which lives around you can drink thereof and experience the mighty Power of God.

Download & be blessed



And ye shall receive power
After that the holy ghost is come upon you
We need an outburst, an infilling of the holyspirit

I can’t exhaust you
Am thirsty for you
Satisfy me
Satisfy me Lord

I can’t exhaust you
Am thirsty for you
Satisfy me eh eeeee
Satisfy me (x2)


As the deer pants for the water
So my soul pants for you
I am thirsty, I am hungry
So I want more of you (x2)

Let me hear you say
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh o oh oh oh oh oh (x4)

Let it spring
A well in me
Let it flow
Rivers of living waters (continues)

I can’t exhaust you
Am thirsty for you
Satisfy me
Satisfy me

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65 thoughts on “DOWNLOAD Music: Opephils – Satisfy

  1. This piece was quite heart-filling, almost got me completely lost in the Spirit. It filled my entire Soul and felt immersed in it….exhilarating to a higher level. This song is not only a blog burster, but a blessing.

  2. To God be the glory for this wonderful new release that is out by the Holy Spirit for the bible says sing a new song into the Lord, I pray for more grace for you to move forward in Jesus name amen.

  3. Wow! I’m richly blessed by this ministration. More anointing and grace of God in your ministry. Continue to shine for God you will not fail God in Jesus mighty name. Amen

  4. The time cometh and now is when the true worshippers shall worship the father in Spirit and in truth for the father seeketh such to worship him..,
    This song is indeed a song born from the Spirit of a true worshipper “Opephils” in this song satisfy..this song really takes us to His (God’s) presence where we MUST be and Remain..May the Lord continue to bless your Spirit…this is awesome!..Glory to God

  5. This song is classic, standard and spirit filled. From the voice, the back ups, the instrumentals and the production. Wow. I have listened to it more than 10 times in less than an hour. You are going places ma. Such a great work you have done here. The producer is good. This is good music mehn. I have followed you right away on social media cos I want to be enjoying more of this. The holy Spirit will announce you ma. It will be a pleasure to get to meet you in person ma. My spirit is lifted. One won’t get tired of listening to it. It’s loaded.

  6. From the owner of the classic and melodious voice; the spirits filled songs, the anointing behind the songs and blessings that followed when the song is chorused while singing along; the songs creates the listener into a realms filled with holy ghosts. Waoh, this is a music from the from the holy of hollies and a song from a lady of valour and substance……you aren’t seen nothing yet as your voice and relics is going to shake the gospel world. Ride on dear.

  7. Waoooooooow
    This is great…my choir will surely minister this in our church… So inspiring..
    Father satisfy me… I’m thirsty and hungry if u Lord…

    God bless u ma

    More hits

  8. So. Fill with powerful desires
    Straight to the point
    The power and spirit of the Lord God Almighty will push this for u.. Amen

  9. Listening to dis single #SATISFY# gives me an easy flow with the holyghost, enables me to express myself in a different,deeper dimension of worship……. Open ur heart to God as u keep listening to #SATISFY# and He is gonna express Himself to you Mightly ……..
    I pray for more opening of ur ears spiritually to hear and receive more powerful song from God Ma.
    Abundant Grace Ma,

  10. Those who have listened to this wonderful song must have felt it the way I did. You cannot listen to it & not feel God’s presence in it. People have finished their tongues oo oo… Lol. Thanking you for blessing us Opephils. We love you

  11. A spirit lifting song, not a regular piece, not what many will expect but this is a song that remind me that I’m a spirit, i need to be in the spirit always, connected to heaven at all time. Satisfy me Lord, let me continue in worship, in spirit and in true.

    God bless you ma.

  12. An amazing song. Beautiful voicing, the mix is lovely and the progression, simply off the hook. Great job, Mrs Philips

  13. What an amazing Divinely orchestrated song. More anointing to you ma. Pls keep promoting preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus.
    Jesus is Lord

  14. I love this. You can’t indeed exhaust Him as He continues to satisfy you with inspirational songs. More power from Him to do more.

  15. Waooo God will bless the producer i’m satisfy with this song you are bless more of it and i enjoy the song

  16. waooo!! This song is amazing, it’s a food for d spirit.My spirit is awesomely lifted.. Thanks ma for dis wonderful song.May u continue to abound in His grace and may He(GOD) never cease in satisfying u with more wisdom nd understanding…keep going higher.

  17. Wow! This song can make one lost in the Holyghost. It makes me want more and more of God. I felt the power of God while listening. I love this song so much. More of Gods Grace and anointing upon your life ma. Am looking forward to the video. I know its going to be mind blowing.

  18. This last comment set me on. The person just said my mind. Am looking forward to the video. Since I downloaded this song, I have been listening to it every morning and it blesses me anew as if I haven’t heard it before, its the reason I had to revisit the site to drop my comment. This song is different, spirit filled, soul lifting, unique, special, classic. More Grace ma’am. Am following you on social media and I tap into this unusual Grace

  19. Wonderful song. Am so blessed. I feel lifted. The song took me to a deeper realm of the Holy ghost. More anointing sis

  20. What a power filled song!
    It was a blessing to have listened to this supernatural song.I’m so glad i downloaded it

  21. Omg!!!! My anticipation was indeed worth while! It’s a wow for me, I love the song ope Phil’s, more grace to function in Jesus name#lots of kisses from me

  22. Music is not just for entertainment… Its not about the voice, or just instrument but instead its the the LIFE in it. There is LIFE in this song. I see Christ. Thank you Holyspirit

  23. You are a spirit worshiper. Your song is full of life. Would love to have you bless us with this wonderful song in our church.

  24. More anointing Minstrel Opephils. Am following you already. I love all your songs. They always have deep meanings .they are revelations of God. I also love the way you worship God

  25. Wow I’m blessed hearing this song ..I want it to be the first thing I listen to every morning when I wake up and last before I sleep..I’m really blessed..

  26. Saw your interview about the song and I was tempted to go download it. I wasn’t disappointed at all. As a matter of fact, since I gave my life to Jesus and received the holy ghost, the physical evidence of speaking in tongue wasn’t manifested. When I want to speak in tongues I feel ashamed but as i was listening to the song, especially when it got to where you spoke deep tongues and sang LET IT SPRING A WELL IN ME AND LET IT FLOW RIVERS OF LIVING WATERS which had been my outcry, I just felt the powerful move of the Holy ghost and I bursted into speaking utterance. I spoke it tongues for the first time and it was a powerful experience, the boldness was like that of peter. Since yesterday till now I have been speaking at will.
    I will never forget this, am now your no 1 fan. As you have been a blessing to my life, God will bless you too ma. To the producer and everyone who contributed to this spirit filled song, God bless you. Am so excited, so much joy in the Holyghost

  27. When ever I listen to this song, It keeps revealing different and deeper dimensions of God to me. I believe the Lord gave you this song purposely for me, I wake with it and sleep with it. My name is Temitope Isaac, I followed you on IG some days ago. More of Gods anointing ma. There is too much excitement in my spirit

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