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This song is dedicated to all mothers of the Nigerian Baptist Convention and the world at large. God will continue to bless all mothers for their virtuous and wonderful work towards their family and the society at large. Song Produced by Mr Simekris

Happy Mother’s Day.



[Interlude 1]

Virtuous mother you are indescribable.
Wife of noble character full of wisdom
She is worth far more than rubies
Anyone who finds her receives Favour
She’s her husband’s crown
She brings him good and not evil
Her husband’s heart doth trust in her
Virtuous mother, awesome mother
Virtuous mother turns fibre into linen
Like the merchant ship she’s so enterprising
She gets up while it is still dark
Providing food for her family
Virtuous mother considers a field and buys it
With her hand she works vigorously
Virtuous mother is clothed with dignity, majesty and beauty.

Virtuous Mother
Virtuous mother is good

[Interlude 2]

Early in the morning, mother lifts her hands
Praying for the well-being of the child
Very early in the morning mother wakes up
Prepares food for the children
Virtuous mother oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Virtuous mother oh oh virtuous mother
Virtuous mother is good
Virtuous mother knows that the head aches the child
Virtuous mother knows that the stomach aches the child
Virtuous mother knows child is hungry
Virtuous mother knows there’s no food at home
Virtuous mother knows life is difficult
Virtuous mother knows there’s no money at home
Virtuous mother oh oh oh oh
Virtuous mother, good mother

Virtuous Mother
Virtuous Mother is good

Mother of faith
Prayerful mother
Virtuous mother
Loving mother
Virtuous mother (x6)


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Facebook: Ewiwilem Nkechi Gina

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