DOWNLOAD Music: Pearl Segun – Oluwayomi –  Thankful

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This is a single inspired by the deep reflection of an 8yr old who is ‘aware’ and ‘thankful’.

Pearl is a vibrant, hearty and cheerful 8year old who loves to sing, dance and even share lessons learnt from the word of God with her audience.

We live in a generation where children seem to be in extinction and all we now have are little adults trapped in children’s bodies.

And even if we make this fact debatable, happenings around us confirm this, as children are made to experience things they have no business experiencing.

They are compelled to see, listen to, know and hear things children their ages have no business with even if they don’t want to, through the media, immediate community, school, church, even trusted relatives are not left out.

Sadly, some end up experimenting what they see, know and hear,

some are deprived of their childhood and their innocence through sexual abuse, domestic abuse and so many unprintable acts that characterise today’s society.

Pearl is using the opportunity of the occasion of her 8th birthday with the support of her parents, siblings and her budding fans to release a single titled ‘Thankful‘ in gratitude to God that despite all of this, God has kept her.




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