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Here comes brand new single from kaduna based artiste. Phat & Furious titled Asalama Alekum featuring D.I.A

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1st Verse (PhatBoi_Sham’ah):

Toh! Asalama alekum, ganinan na shigo nan garinku

Your boy’s kinda hungry, ba shagalinku

Peace be unto this house tell your uncles awnnn! 

Talking ’bout peace,

Why the heck we’re talking ’bout peace

Tired of some people deceiving our people and that’s probably why i’m writing this piece

I ain’t gon’ curse i’m not hear to diss

But the truth must be told, those were fake promises,

Duk karya ne, Karya suke

Better life, karya ne

More cash, karye ne

Security din ma karya ne

And yet some people be standing with some people that can’t even stand, ask me how

Uhn! I bet you they can’t understand,

What the people they be going through

They’ll be travelling overseas spending hundreds of days, walayi muna barin su

Shutting schools up and down here, southern kaduna ain’t gotta fear

Please wipe your tears, sit back relax and watch what my Jesus is gonna do

2nd Verse (D.I.A):

I don’t want to talk too much,  

 expression of self nowadays is a hate crime

and freedom of speech is myth so I’ll tell the stories to my children at bed time.

that I’m like a slave in my fatherland

If I complain or oppose they gonn’ tag me a tyrant

what an ugly situation, 

we never bargained for…

I’m not buying

And we are like lab rats

 and we trapped in the maze of a failed experiment

we are like blind bats 

and we kept in the shades by a shady government

No power to fight back

 …we just cry and watch

 and we hope for a better day.

Its time to announce that … 

See Enough is enough

And We too can have a say

And our freedom is an illusion

 they always intruding 

Me am yarning my church mind

as much as we can not be violent, we can not be silent anymore we don try.

But sometimes we got to man up up 

boys now need to stand up

we can’t hide what the truth is

we are peaceful rebels…………… 


3rd Verse (Furious):

I know the government tryna’ make me feel bad o

But I’ll standing on the fact that it won’t last eh. eh… eh… eh.. Anana.. 

I know what  you’re  tryna’ do 

You thinking the people are just fools 

See the fact that we keep our mouth shut doesn’t mean we don’t know what you do in the closet 

But I’m not complaining I just want peace to reign 

Can somebody see it 

Mehn! we’ve been blind from the start this the time for us to rise 

cause we ain’t weak we are strong we are future leaders yo! 

That’s the truth better face yo!

O yea I guess this is game over 

I gave you two years you messed up you always complaining you sick and you wanna make up for the past years but you’re already late so just stop there 

I know you know who I am talking to just spread the message on and let me hear and let ’em share cause the truth is clear and let the peace reign cause God is here

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