DOWNLOAD Music: Seyi Alesh & Tomi Favored – I belong To You


On December 7th, 2015, worshipers and music
artist couple Seyi Alesh and Tomi Favored
collaborate on a special single titled I BELONG TO
YOU to celebrate their wedding anniversary.
Written and produced by them both, the song
highlights the fact that we all belong to God Almighty, the creator.

“We both belong to God and He is the reason we
are together now, will remain together by His
grace, and ever came together before. Our lives are
centered around worshiping Him alone and using
our gifts to bless hearts the best way we can” they
both state. “Even in marriage, when two people know God and seek after Him diligently knowing
He is their creator, they will always meet each other
at the feet of God” they quote.

In celebrating their anniversary, they joke about
how they certainly can’t invite everyone they
know over to the house for lunch…lol (that is one
too many plates of iyan and efo to serve naija
guests especially); but as musicians, God has given
the creative privilege and ability to make something everyone willing can share with them
as a couple & that is music.


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