DOWNLOAD Music: Skenz1&2 – iRule (ft. Snypa)


#iRule is the first of many singles coming your way
from Skenz1&2 (@Skenzibrahim & @Skenz2), in
the year 2016. It’s one of those songs that will
make you wonder what was going through their
mind when they recorded it.
“#iRule is a declaration of who we are and what Christ has made us through His death,” says the
awesome AfroPop Duo, a.k.a Skenz1&2.
A beautiful song from the stables of Bigtoonz Music
Mission; produced by Dave Harmony, mixed by
Mistarpush and mastered by Iyke Onka… featuring
Special Agent Snypa (@AgentSnypa), the Gospel Reggae Dance Hall Queen!!!
“As you sing along with us, let this be more than a
song to you; let it be a declaration and affirmation
of what God has made you: Kings & Queens to rule
your world!”


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