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Lost in deep thoughts of God’s mighty acts of old and His great and powerful acts in this present age,His mighty acts in my life that has brought me this far.I have come to a conclusion that no one compares to HIM.

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Chorus:No one compares to you,no one,no one.No one compares to you Jesus,Jesus.
Oke muo Na eri muo
(The mighty spirit that supercede other spirits)
Okaka Na emere umu ya mma
(The great God that doeth good to his children)
Ebube anyi Ji eje eje
(The glory that Goeth before us in our going out)
Ebube anyi Ji ala ala
(The glory that leads us in our coming in)
Ibu Ike ka chasi Ike Nile
(You are the power that supercede all power’s)
Ibu odogwu nagha ibu dimkpa nagha
(You are the mighty man of war)
Ibu okwu n’ ere ere
(You are the consuming Fire)
Ogbara nkiti okwu biri Na onu Eze
(He that keepeth silent but has the final say)
I bu chukwu kachasi chi Nile…,(you are God that is greater than every other gods)
Chi nedumee
(The God that leads me)
Chi ma mkpa muo
(The God that knows my needs)
Chi Na agozi eee
(The God that blesses)
Chi di mma
(The good God)
Chi di ebube Mee
(The glorious God)
Onye ukwu kachasi onye ukwu Nile
(The One that is greater than the greatest)
Idi ebube n’ ezi ee i Na eme mma
(The glorious God that doeth good)
Eze odighi onye di ka hi eee
(Oh king,there is no one like you)
Okwu onu gi Jesus Na adigide
(Your word remaineth the same)
Okwu onu ka ijiri ke uwa Nile
(By your word you created the whole world)
Okwu onu gi Na adigide Eze
(Your word remaineth the same)
Asim odighi onye,
(I say there is none like you)
Eze odighi onye
(Oh king,none like you)
Jehovah odighi onye
(Jehovah,none like you)
Odighi onye dika gi,igwe,igwe
(None like you oh king)
Eze ndi Eze Na eze- Eze
(The king that all kings are scared of)
Eze ndi Eze Na asopuru
(The king that all kings Bow to)
Ibu mgboro ogwu David Chukwu oma
(You are the root of David,good God)
Olori ihe biara ilo muo Eze
(He that swallows what comes to swallow me)
Ikem nkwo Aba
(The Power that I boast with)
Odighi onye dika gi,igwe igwe
(None compares to you oh king)
Odighi gi onye dika gi,chineke muo,i nweghi atu
(None compares to,my God,no one like you)

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