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From the stable of Nigeria’s fastest-growing record label, Diadem Multimedia (DMi), comes this latest release by Sorochi titled –“I Love You Lord.“

Produced by Dami Ayeni for DMi, “I Love You Lord” is a simple, heartfelt worship song which expresses love for God.

Commenting on the new single, Sorochi shares:

“On January 10th 2018, as I arrived Gilgal to have a quiet moment with HIM in preparation for the unfolding year, I suddenly noticed an inexpressible and undescribable angelic welcome. While I thought on the meaning of this and what I could offer in return because I loved and would never retrieve from such moments.

“”I Love You Lord” came as though someone sang it in my heart. Truly, I discovered it was indeed the exact feeling in my heart.

“I sincerely desire that as everyone across the earth listens or sings this piece to God, an overwhelming weight to see worship expressed in total love to God will envelop their hearts in Jesus name. Amen.”

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Written By Sorochi ChukwuEmeka Ernest

I am here to say
I love you Lord
I am here to declare
I love you Lord

I don’t deserve it
Don’t look like it
I can’t explain it
It’s all over me
Sometimes it feels like I’m dreaming
Your overwhelming love
Just me in the midst to say
I really love you Lord
Just me in the midst to say
I really love you Lord

I’ve finally found that love that defines my destiny and ever since I came here, my life has never been the same.
So I’ve made up my mind never to go back until the whole world feels the same.

I love you
Yes I love you
I love you
Yes I love


Sorochi ChukwuEmeka Ernest is a man with great intellect, and overwhelming passion towards the things of God, that he can go all out to make them work.

He hails from Ohafia in Abia State, and currently resides in Port Harcourt. His vision and zealous nature in fulfilling his God’s giving potentials resulted in his signing into the fastest growing Gospel Record label, Diadem Records in 2018.

His debut single MMA DIRIGI still trending shows the true essence of gratitude to God.

Sorochi enjoys praise and worship alot, and is a renowned praise and worship leader. As a result of God’s revelation his lyrics are rich and are loaded with artmanship, his versatility enables him to explore all genres of music.

Sorochi always finds fulfillment and secures result easily in worship, and that has always been replicated to his audience and as many under his ministration.

In an auditorium packed full to the brim in solemn worship to the maker, Men were sitting, while some stood, others laid to the floor full of awe as a result of God’s manifest presence, the spirit of God whispered to his anointed saying “I will heal my people in the atmosphere of intense worship” as stated in Isaiah 53:5, that has been his mandate each time he has the opportunity to lead God’s people to his throne room.

At 7 Sorochi started singing, and has served as a choir leader in Assemblies of God, The Redeemed Christian Church of God, and Living Faith Church where he still serves actively in the choir.

He is gifted from God but has consciously developed his singing talent into a ministry.

Sorochi ChukwuEmeka Ernest obtained his Bsc. in Estate Management from Abia State University in 2003, and works currently as managing partner at Xky Concept Properties.

He is gloriously married to Mrs Eberechi Edith Sorochi and their union is blessed with 2 wonderful children.

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Facebook: @OfficialSorochi

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Twitter: @OfficialSorochi

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