DOWNLOAD Music: Steve Williz – Worship Praise (Reggae Blues Cover)


Here comes brand  new single from BoogieDown artiste Steve Williz  titled Worship Praise (Reggae Blues Cover). Its a lovely worship praise song. Check it out.. Download & Enjoy..


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60 thoughts on “DOWNLOAD Music: Steve Williz – Worship Praise (Reggae Blues Cover)

  1. Rubbish, did guy is not born again he needs to rededicate his heart to God,y copy from the world are they pur standard now???God have mercy

    1. @anonymous what do you mean he is not born-again? We shouldn’t learn from the world abi? The phone or computer you are using to type, was it made by a born-again christian? The car you drive, the plane you fly, were they made by Christians??? Stop deceiving yourself. God is the source of every good thing, and the fact that some people pervert God’s goodness, there is nothing wrong, when we as believers use it for God!

      1. Wondering if Steve is running out of Oil to the extent of duplicating a song who’s inspiration isn’t certain.
        What comes to mine while listening to this song is Harry Song’s After the Reggae and not after the worship. You’re known for heard work, maintain your lane please

    1. In short lemme ad this to Samsung and She’sDisappointed. Steve williz is one of the few gospel artists who has faced so many temptations to leave gospel music but has not. If he was interested in just money trust me he wld have gone soooo far by now(by the world’s system) so I fink dis condemnation is uncalled for. Talking like dis cos I know him very closely. Don’t be too quick to talk.

  2. For me I expect more from it that God has stop given you your own song that you have to do a cover for Harry song?common bro!i can’t conderm you but I think you can do more.if you want to do cover there are good Gosple arts out there both local and international..all d same God bless.

    1. @samking and she’s disappointed I think u two are being religious about this. Don’t be d judge let God be. Religion has eaten deep into the church and has stopped us from coming into and enjoying the fullness of God. We most times major on the minor and minor on the major. God help us! Tank U!

  3. Growing up, it was christian songs, that is changed to world music, now reverse is the case. Has God stopped giving us lyrics or weve stopped hearing him and its all about money now. Just a tout

  4. All those judging and condeming, i have one question for you please, is Jesus hiring???

    Steve is a powerful singer who dedicated his best years making good gospel music for us all, he has the looks to compete with the likes of wizkid n davido but he never caved for once, now he thought of how to reach out to those out there and here he is being condemned by those he calls his own. For shame people for shame.

  5. Steve u try well,i love the song die…..If u dnt like it dnt download it,it’s not by force,how can u say he’s not born again,didn’t u hear everything he was saying in d song,did he say anything against God,he’s praising God,so if u dnt like it go nd sing ur own.

  6. Pls let’s be fair here. He defined what he wanted to do – Worship Praise. And he did exactly that. I worshipped and praised God along with him. He didn’t say he wanted to impress you. Thanks

  7. If you have a bible verse to back up your argument against this song please let’s have it, else keep your crap thoughts to yourself we don’t need it. Steve nice 1, God sees the heart of every man. Some efforts you put in there, weldon

  8. I agree with Samking and She’s disappointed. Steve Willis is an Outstanding gospel minister we don’t expect such song from… I’ve always seen him as a paste setter, this song is redefining him entirely from the standard He had built. My problem is not the song,it’s the artist doing the song.Haba, not Steve Willis!

    1. Kindly delete the song from your phone @Jeff Its so funny how people become overly religious on social media but in the real world they are promoting secular music. Check out their phones and laptops all you’ll see is Davido, wizkid, Olamide etc. Before you criticize, lets see what you have to offer. Abeg Steve keep breaking borders

  9. Some of These comments sha can kill person career…. People lets be careful to judge oh….. Thumbs up Steve, i had no idea this gbagyi boi had an igbotic side…. I enjoyed the old school transition and flavour the most….. Turning up for Jesus is how we roll….

  10. Presh,thats not the point or motive. We all have our flaws. I don’t know if you’ll be proud if the likes of Nathaniel Bassey,Panam,Chris Morgan,Samsung,Solomon Lange, are out there remixing secular Songs… what will upcoming ministers hold unto? I attended his Am alive Concert in ECWA Wuse2…. Steve is a Stuff,… any other artist can do this,But not a minister of his calliper. We’re all entitled to our opinion though…I can’t impose my Ideologies on you, and U shudn’t do likewise.personally, Am not proud of [email protected] Dukanku Read Romans 12:2

    1. Bro. Jeff, clearly Steve Williz is not ministring to impress individuals neither is he up to some competition with other gospel artists. If you only attended his concert once and you come to such quick condemnation, then you got it all wrong. Such opinions are what have limited the spread of the word. The content of the original version of this song really made no sense at all; but this is the real deal.

      I know you have both versions on your phone so be the judge. While you’re at it, i know you’ll fall in love with Steve Williz version even more. Lol

  11. I love the song die,those dropping stupid comments please go and sing yours let’s hear mtcheew bad belle’s…u did very well bros bae u De best. ..

  12. I love it when church folks put up that garb called ‘holier than thou’ and have that sneer on their faces that say ‘y’all going to hell!!’ Cos it just shows how shallow they are and they want to drag others into their emptiness. STEVE is a great minister, if he no longer accommodates your ideologies its too bad, but please take your hate and negativity elsewhere. Because I know this jam is ministering to someone somewhere eg me. Do you think he did it on a whim, certainly not. Anyways just my 2 cents

    1. I’ll put $5 to your opinion @The Real Stuff. People just come on social media and put up a front as though they are saints. Tell me any line in this song that doesn’t glorify God. Please all the haters get a life and spare your bitterness to yourselves. He has taken his ministry to another level.

  13. ananymous pls watch ur toungue and neva allow tha wrath of God to fall on yuh by insulting his servant,steve williz is a bonified born again minister,i guess u hv neva heed any of his song das why u ar making such irrelevant comment,try nd get his song i blieve u wl b transform,cuz i knw its da devil in u dat is talking bt blieve me by listening to his songs u wl be freed.

  14. Mix feeling though, gospel is all about preaching the word in d language an unbeliever can understand. If dey understand dis, y not…

  15. I beg to differ with those throwing tantrums at this cover done by Steve Willis. Nothing is wrong with criticising a song or an artist, it’s a necessary part of the industry/ministry but criticism should be done intelligently. In 1974 Miriam Makeba did a song titled Malaika (Nakupenda Malaika), the chorus many Christians sing in Church today as “My life time, I will give God my life time” (you can find these two songs on the Internet – YouTube even has a cover by Kenisha Martin) is actually a cover of that Miriam Makeba song. I guess you didn’t know that Yeah? But you’ve been singing it, you’ve been blessed by it. Maybe you even cried tears of surrender as you sang the song in prayer. My point is, let’s be wise. The Instrumentals/rhythm of a song doesn’t make it gospel or secular, what defines it is the lyrical content. Besides, doing a cover doesn’t translate to a loss of inspiration. It’s creativity to take something people know and fuse your style into it. I think the mind of Christians should be tweaked rightly…stop hunting for darkness, recognise the light.

  16. These comments are interesting I must say. However, he who is without sin should cast a stone. As humans, we are quick to judge even when we are lacking in many ways. It’s okay to critic, but it should be Constructive and done with love.
    After listening to the lyrics of the song, I am impressed with Steve’s creative mind.
    All these Sadusees with holier than thou comment should watch it. Remember… If you have not walked in my shoes, you should not judge me!!!

    Kudos to Steve Willis!!! God bless you.

  17. We sing “My life time,i would give God my life time”,and twas a cover of “malaika done by a secular artiste…so pls let’s appreciate good music when we see one @judgers!!!
    Lovely Jam!!!

  18. Hey ppl…. The song its okay! As an artiste you listen to various songs even secular thus getting ideas to win the world by the word. It is a sharp tool in winning souls. Especially wen d track is dope. So y’all shld chill. We need to be radical to cos changes. Be vast ! Dear artiste.

  19. Very irritating. I never expected Steve to descend so low as to do that. The secular artists should b doing cover for gospel song,and not the other way round. For me, it’s a shame!

  20. But i think there is still millions of song not yet sang that God is willing to reveal and give to us if we ask in truth and in spirit…
    So for me doing a cover of that song is too cheap and nat in spirit….
    But thou we should note that steve is basicallyz

  21. D Bible says “sing a new song…”,it means if it is 4 God,U’ll need no cover of any song whatsoever,weda Gospel or circular.

  22. He hasn’t sined by covering Harryson’s song. But most songs copied from secular artists are hardly inspiring. Like this one, there’s no spirit behind d song, no ministeration, it’s just dry and dat’s not gud 4 steve williz. Christians songs should always minister.

  23. Ottah has said it all… pls read his comment before you drop yours. Have u ever sang “my lifetime I will give God my lifetime”? Do you realize it’s a gospel cover of a popular secular song? If Steve’s Williz’s motives are consistent with the purpose of God for the gospel then it’s cool.

  24. You guys don’t realize that a lot of the praise songs you sing in church were remakes of old folk songs, which the church changed in order for people to relate with the songs, someone mentioned ‘Malaika’ by Mariam makeba, which was remade to ‘My lifetime, I will give God my lifetime’ and there are several others as well, so let’s get a grip!

  25. Steve listens to God and God speaks to him. Whatever it is that made him do this cover song is between him and God, but if your opinion is that he is not on point and you think you love him so much and also appreciate his contribution in the gospel music industry so far, can you spare five minutes of your time to pray for him instead of the insults and judgemental statements. Let’s stand for our own. God’s blessings

  26. Let’s call a speck, speck. When we stay in tune with d Holy Spirit He gives us songs straight from His throne room-He is d source of inspiration. When we break fellowship with Him we begin to feel d kind of inadequacy Adam & Eve felt. If we don’t run back to d secret place we soon start measuring ourselves with our environment, then we look for all kinds of fig leaves to cover up our nakedness, like adopting circular songs or featuring a secular artists. God does not need d arm of flesh to save d world. Peter didn’t need to colabo with Saul to save him, Jesus saved & converted saul to Paul by His very own self. What fellowship has light with darkness? We should not allow ourselves be deceived by d mistakes of our brethren in their unguarded moments, rather, it should be a caution sign for us not to forget which Kingdom we represent & whose glory we show forth-God’s glory, not ours.


  28. d music he sang was very nice to hear because when an unbeliever hear it he may stop hearing dat of d worldly one n turn 2 dis christian own.

  29. There is no wrong in converting d worldly song to gospel as long as it gives glory to God…. I know of trachead family whom most or all I know they have sang is a cover of major club or radio hits in the us…let’s encourage him and if we see a wrong, correct in love and not castigate him

  30. Beware of haters. Do more to make them hate you, cos they’re soon going to start loving you cos you’re doing it to God’s glory.

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