DOWNLOAD Music: Uddy Gideon – Blessed Beyond Curse

Blessed Beyond Curse” is a genre of music called GOSPEL, and it’s done to reawaken the believers’ consciousness to the fact that whoever is in Christ Jesus lives beyond curse, because Christ had paid the price for our freedom from curse.

This song is her debut SINGLE, which is birthed after decades of singing and directing in the choir.

Uddy Gideon is someone with a passion for Christ, an Evangelist by calling, a recording Artiste, a teacher of the Word of God, a mentor and a Health Educator by profession.Get blessed by listening to this song



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Are you in this place

And you feel rejected, deserted and abused?

As a result of the devil’s agenda

Which is to steal, kill and destroyed.

Thank God for Jesus

Who came to give us life.Solo1

The devil will always want to leave you

With an impression,

That you’re too old or too small for that miracle

But that makes him a trickster, a deceiver

You are blessed beyond curse

No Man can curse

Whom God has blessed


The devil is so tricky

He wants you to believe

That you’ve been cursed and that your curse has reached an irredeemable stage

But who is he that saith a thing and it cometh to pass when the Lord God commandeth it not

No man can curse

Whom God has blessedChorus

Whom God has blessedNo man can curse 2xWe are the chosen generation

Whom God has blessed

No man can curse ( 2x)Solo

We are blessed 2xChoir

We are blessed 4xYou are blessed 4I am blessed 10xWhom God has blessed

(15 times)No man can curse.

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