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The devil has astructure that he tries to use against
God’s people, but as Christians we havea solid
structure which is in the word of God.  Everyone on
earth has a beautiful purpose andwe are here for
such a time as this. Many times we get carried away
by our(earthly) daily activities and forget to carry  out our responsibility (kingdomcall) as Christians.

The end is near and nowis the time to reaffirm the
work of the ministry by propagating the gospel
ofour Lord Jesus Christ. Let’s take that stand. Now is
the time! If you letyourself be distracted you are not
fit for service in the Kingdom of God! Soforget what
is behind and press on toward the goal, preach the gospel forChrist is coming soon.

The Gospel Rock Diva,Viva (@Vivasorocks) brings
us a message through the remix of her song
WORKINGWORD, showing us the urgency of the
times. Like the apostle Paul, she is not ashamedof
this gospel (Romans1.16) and shouts it loud from
the mountain top, the onlyway she knows how, her music!

Listen to this messageand be inspired and
motivated to reach out and share this gospel NOW!

Love and Blessings, Nadine.”One good thing about music, when it hits you feel
no pain”

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