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Benedict Okon Solomon popularly known as Wordsmith Benedict is one of God’s precious child and end time instrument who does nothing on his own until he can understand the mind of God about it. He translates the heart of God via word and sound revelation.

He hails from OKOBO LGA of Akwa- Ibom State. An Economist, teacher,mentor and a gifted Musician and music producer based in Jos.

He has two albums to his credit, and many other single releases.

He features Victor Edumoh, a sea farer who is a genuine child of God and also a son of the soil, in his latest release he titles Oyobio. Oyobio which means ‘wind'(of the Holy Ghost) is a divine prophecy for his home land and the world at large.

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(wind of the Holy Ghost)


We’ve been subdued for too long,

Here comes the rescue song,

Word&SoundRevelation, Wordsmith &Victor Edumoh on this one!

”’Oyobio Abasi konu!

(It’s the wind of the Holy Ghost)

Odi zim, Odi zim”

( It’s here)

Oro Nation stand up!

Oyobio! (Response- Oyobio, sweeping through the city )

Is the wind of the Holy Ghost,sweeping through the city yeah! Oyobio o o o o o

(Response- Oyobio, sweeping through the city ) Sweeping through the city, sweeping through the!

Verse 1.

Am pouring out my spirit, like rushing mighty wind, so that all my sons and daughters prophecy, chasing fear and terror out of sight.

Jesus has taken over, darkness running helter skelter, demons looking for where to hide, YESHUWA is now the LIGHT yeah!

”Ifoh k’ubiak ulibi (witches, don’t hide)

kama nbi ulibi edi bak”, (for they’ll be no place to hide)

‘Ekang Abasi k’ayama’, (The fire of the Lord is blazing)

cause we’re drinking from the wind, the wind of the Holy Ghost yeah! Now the impossible is now made possible as we keep drinking from WIND!


Oyobio! Is the wind of the Holy Ghost,

Sweeping through the city,

Oyobio! Is the wind of the Holy Ghost, sweeping through the nations..!

Verse 2.

When The Oyobio comes, trouble disappears,

when The Oyobio comes, sickness is no more,

when The Oyobio comes, see healing everywhere yeah!

When The Oyobio comes, bad government is dethroned (them go packi their loadi go),

when The Oyobio comes, corruption is no more,

when The Oyobio comes, ‘Ekim abiak aki ,biak a ki’, (Darkness flees)

When The Oyobio comes, ‘Ifoh abiak a’libi, biak a libi’ ( Witches hide)

When The Oyobio comes! Rejoicing everywhere Heyii!


Oyobio! Is the wind of the Holy Ghost,

Sweeping through the city,

Oyobio! Is the wind of the Holy Ghost, sweeping through the nations..!


It’s not your normal worship song, it’s a very clear prophecy sound (halleluya), in the midst of the adversary, comes the unveiling of the mysteries of THE GLORIOUS ONE yeah,

Can you see the shift in the atmosphere heyi( the wind of the Holy Ghost)! and all the protocols broken,

(VARIATION RESPONSE- Oyobio, sweeping through the Nations, Oyobio Sweeping through the city) Mountains are falling, walls are shaking now! The enemy is taking to his heels, strongholds are breaking, and the heavens opened over me,


Ekang Abasi ka yima, Ekang Abasi ka yima oh, Oyobio ooh

(Choruz and variation response together on adlip till end)

Oyobio oo Oyobio! Go tell the government that Oyobio will be coming to take over ver ver yeah! Oyobio will be sweeping through the city….

Oyobio oooo hey.. Setting the captives free, bringing kings and their kingdoms to their knees…’yak Oyobio ofu, akap uto ekem o siki’




Facebook: Wordsmith Benedict,

Facebook: Benedict Wordsmith

Instagram: Wordsmith_bassey

Twitter: @wordsmithbened1

Facebook- Victor Edumoh( Victor Praiz)

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