Evang. Ben Releases Two New Singles, “Where Are They?” & “Jesus Is Coming”

What shall we use to appreciate God Seeing how much love He bestowed upon us by giving His only Son Jesus to die for us.

WHERE ARE THEY? Is a meditative and restoration song against the evil of the day and all agenda of the devil.we shall not fall. we shall serve God forever through Jesus Christ.Amen.

DOWNLOAD Music: Where Are They?

Having seen the danger of suffering and destruction in hell that awaits sinners and careless Christians.

JESUS IS COMING– is a Soul awaking and Restoration song against the
Danger of Sleeping when the Saviour shall appear.To be reading this message tells you how much Jesus Care about you.you are blessed and lord is your strength. We shall make Heaven and shall not mis Rapure in Jesus Name.Amen.



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