STORY “Every Generation Of Black People Had Their Heart Broken By The Country”

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Propaganda recently spoke about the pattern of Black Americans having their heart broken by the country over and over. 

In a revealing interview with 24/7HH, Prop said, “We’re not learning from our mistakes…we are repeating history.” 

He then ran through the history of African Americans in the U.S. going back to slavery. Every time there is an opportunity for Black people to rise up, something gets in the way and regresses the progress. 

“Every generation of Black people had their heart broken by the country,” he said. “My fear is that at some point none of us are reading our history and saying, ‘we tried that already’.” 

He continued, “We’ve lost the ability to empathize.” 

Propaganda then shifted the focus toward the church. He said eventually the church needs to look within itself for solutions to these problems. 

“You love your country, you love your guns, more than you love your God.” 

Up next, Prop said he has new music and poetry but is most looking forward to the “Spotlight: Politics and Protest.” This intimate seven city tour is about creating solutions through music, art, poetry, and video. 

Besides race and politics, discussions will also focus on gender identity and Muslims. 

“Really gonna get woke,” he said. 

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