Exclusive Interview With Paul Emmanuel Ossom

Tell us about yourself
My name is Paul-Emmanuel Ossom, I am the second son of 3 Sons. I am a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

Tell us about your recent project titled “The Boat”

The Boat is my debut EP. It is an 8-tracked project that should be called an Album rather than an EP:), but my very good friend ‘Kelar Thrillz’ has told me that I can name ‘The Boat’ anything I choose to name it, EP or Album 🙂 So I have called it an EP 🙂 The Boat captures my experiences in the past years, it reflects my dependence, devotion, trust and thoughts of God. The project reminds me and its listeners of how present God is in every situation we face. Literally, there is a song for every season in this body of work. So far, I have gotten great reviews and numbers from this project too and I am grateful to God. This project also features collaborations with a few Nigerian artists turned friends.

How did you start music?

I began at a young age actually. I remember seeing a certain photo of myself when I was younger, I was singing on stage and the microphone was almost as big as my head 🙂 I have actually received good support from my immediate family. I remember how I’d usually leave the house for church early on Wednesdays to meet up with a producer at a studio that was just close to the church by 4:00 PM (Midweek services usually start at 6:00 PM), I had this meeting with him not to produce any of my songs, just to sit and watch him work on tracks that belonged to other artists. I later began producing music in 2016/2017. I had always sat amongst other producers and I learnt how to produce by watching these people. I officially released my first record in 2020, ‘Sun Up’ although I had written it initially in 2018 and produced its first version in the same year.

What do you think about gospel artists featuring secular artists

OK, this is a big one. I believe there is a difference between secular music and worldly music. Worldly music is profane while secular music is music intended for non-religious purposes, therefore, I see worldly music collaborations as a no-go for a Gospel Artist. However, for secular collaborations, um…, I’ll just say be careful.

Which artist would you love to work with?
Mali Music. Mali Music has been an influence on my kind of sound and style ever since my young days. His creativity with fusions across genres is so amazing and he is the one 🙂

Have you had any challenges as a Gospel artist?
Yes, I have, just like every other Gospel artist, there’ve been times I didn’t get the support I needed on certain projects

Are you working on any new projects? If yes tell us about It
Yes, I am! I have a song with Kelar Thrillz and Brother Nwachukwu, Prinx Emmanuel dropping soon. I am also working on a lot of new stuff. Specifically, I am on a collaboration spree 🙂 and I really can’t wait to show everyone who I’ve been working with and what I’ve been working on.

Any last words for your fans
Take it easy, God is in your boat, when it’s all said and done, you’ll see he’s God alone. SIGN OUT!

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