Exclusive: Kingdomboiz Interview With Atlanta, GA Artiste – C.J King “SWRVN”


• Tell Us About Your Self.

Im from Clayton County in Atlanta, GA. I have two younger sisters and a lovely wife, who I married last June. A funny thing about me being a hip hop artist is that I was not allowed to listen to Hip Hip at home for a long time. I used to sneak my cd player in my
backpack and listen to the
hip hop station on the bus to and from school.

• You Had Success Doing “Gospel” Music, Did You Ever Regret Going Into Gospel?

No because my music has always appealed to
people who know very little
about the Gospel and those who love Hip Hop
music. Ive always said that I
make music for the soul, not the sales. Thats my
goal. I want to leave you feeling refreshed after listening to my music.

• What Keeps You Going?

My wife is one of my biggest motivations. Being the man I need to be for her and the leader I need to be for my listeners is a burden I am glad to carry.

• Are You Working On Any New Project? If Yes Tell Us About It

I just finished my first album titled “SWRVN”. I am really excited about
this project because it is one of my favorite albums to listen to and I RARELY like my own music.haha. I set super high
standards for myself.

• Kindly Tell Us About Your Wife. How You Ask Her Out & What Was Life Like
After You Got Married

My wife and I met at Liberty University during our freshman year. When she met me, I was passing CDs out of my backpack. She still hasn’t listened to that CD to this very day. I still feel some type of way about that. Marriage is the best thing that could of happened to
me though. More than
anything it has taught me how to love and put
myself aside. Marriage is
like the perfect illustration for what my relationship
with Jesus should be like.

• Having Been In The Music Industry For A Long Time, Do You Feel That GospelMusic Is Actively Spreading The Word of God?

Im fairly new to the industry but I do feel the Word of God is being spread
in ways it hadn’t been  before. The Gospel industry appears to be growing
but I feel that the hip hop industry is experiencing
and searching for God
like never before. Just listen to all of the secular
artists including
Gospel elements in the music. They are looking for something.

• Any Last Words For Your Fans?

Make sure you cop the album on iTunes, Google Play, and any digital outlet.
I would love to hear your feedback! Also more
than anything, keep striving
for your relationship with Jesus but take it ONE day at a time.

Listen To His Music Below!!

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