Exclusive: Kingdomboiz Interview With “Great & Mighty” Crooner – Gideon Idahosa


Son Of Idahosa, Gideon,  After the release of his Hit Track, Great & Mighty (You Are) which has been trending on all blogs, the africa’s No.1 gospel site


Decides to interview the nigerian top rated artiste, Gideon Idahosa.. In this interview the music artiste reveals more about him self. Dont Miss the interview For A Million Pounds…

Tell Us About Your Self



Yea, I’m Gideon Erhunmwunse Idahosa, I was born in Jos on the 6th of December 1995. I’m from Edo State, Nigeria. I was born into the family of 6 (5 Ladies and A Man [Me]).

I potrayed Music right from childhood where I started by using toothbrush at home to beat the table after which I advanced to setting up my Mum’s cup at home to create drums
hahaha… after which I started following my elder Sister Becky (featured artiste on Great & Mighty) for rehearsals where I started perfecting my hands on drums… All this were done at my younger age, my passion
for drumming grew by the day, that was how I ended up growing up as a successful young drummer.

• How Did You Start Music


One day, my Pastor called me, appreciated me as a drummer and said to me that I’m more of a Worshipper than an instrumentalist. It took me time before accepting that fact I can’t
change. On a very wonderful Saturday night he surprised me by saying..

I would be singing on Sunday, that he would bring a drummer for the Sunday service, I felt relax and thought he
was just trying to make fun of me.. On Sunday morning he reminded me of what he told me that I would be singing in church that day, wow! You know what it means for someone
to ask you to do something you’ve never done before in your life, I guess you could imagine the kind of look and fear that was on my mind… Service started, everything which concerns
music and singing was done, I was so happy because I didn’t sing. I never knew that my Pastor still had the thought of me singing in his mind, when it was time for him to preach, he climbed
the alter and said to an instrumentalist “give Gideon A microphone for him to sing” mehn…. facing the crowd, I was full of anxiety but I had to collect the microphone, my first time of handling
a microphone to sing… Wow!!! immediately I collected the microphone, I felt God’s pressence and boldness in me. God is so so great and wonderful that I didn’t just sing, I ministered. It was
all about God.That was how I began singing and minstering and believed that nothing is Impossible with God coz even the word says I’m Possible.

The kind of music I enjoying listening to and ministering is Christian Rock, HipHop, Urban contemporary. The Holy Spirit has been my greatest teacher. Fam, I must tell you at first it wasn’t easy
but when I understood who I stand to represent and the kind of authorityI have everything became so easy.
At first when I started singing, I used to have the mindset that writing a song would be very hard bbut it only got easier when I started flowing and working according with the Holy Spirit.

• You Had Success Doing “Gospel” Music, Did You Ever Regret Going Into Gospel?.

.  I have never for once regretted it. God has been so faithful, words can’t even express how wonderful he has been. That is why I tell you gospel is the real deal, I can never regret it

• What Keeps You Going?

Wow… uhhmmmm… God’s word, Holy Spirit keep me going b’coz at all time, he stand as my teacher, director, my map which leads me right.

• Are You Working On Any New Project? If Yes Tell Us About it


. Yes, I’m working on something big which would be unveiled anytime soon and also a new single but the title is yet to be unveiled.

• Tell Us The Scene Behind Your Hit Single “Great & Mighty” (You Are)

. Actually, I got the song Great and Mighty (You Are) at different points. I got the first verse of the song in a bathroom and then i got the chorus on my way to church then the verse 2 i got it
while I was reading raphsody, then the bridge Becky came up with it at the studio. That was how Great & Mighty (You Are) came about.

• Having Been In The Music Industry For A Long Time, Do You Feel That Gospel Music Is Actively Spreading The Word of God?

. Yea, the gospel is spreading everywhere, we’re taking over the world b’coz we have the license to spread like never before. B’coz we’re going to takeover the world and rule the world, that is the mandate.
B’coz through our songs, souls and lives are touched and changed, healings take place, people give their life to Christ which cannot be noted in the secular world.

• Any Last Words For Your Fans?

. You guys are not just my Fan but my FAM. I just want you all to know that what you’re wearing is not your value but what you carry inside. At all point just believe and confess that you can do it, don’t stop
saying it, keep saying it coz the best of it is yet to be discovered. I love and celebrate you’all..



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