Exclusive: Kingdomboiz Interview With Miracle V

* Tell Us about your self…

* My name is Miracle Victor Fred, I’m from Akwa Ibom State Nigeria, I am 31 years old, I’m a Gospel artist, a worshipper and also a song writer. Songs like, ” I Am A Shining Light, “Super God, ” You Reign, ” Lord Arise, ” You Alone and many more all by Miracle V.

* Tell Us about your new song

* Super God, is a song that shows who God is and how he fight our battles on Daily basis. Is also a song of confident, letting one to understand how special he/ she is to God. It also talks about the ultimate price God paid for man to be redeemed from the law of sin. The SUPREMACY GOD.

* Do you see yourself quitting music to focus on other things in the near future?

* No please.

* Do you have a record label?

Not yet.

* How did you get the inspiration for your LATEST single

* The inspiration came through the Word of God that was preached on a certained Sunday service and with the help of the holy spirit I was able to scored it on my mind.

* What are your concerns for the gospel music industry?

* My concern for the gospel music industry is to see lives get impacted, change, also to evangelise Christ in every nations tribes and to win many souls as possible for Christ through gospel music

What is your biggest fear in life?

* My biggest fear in life is not making it to heaven at the end, may God Forbid it.

Are You Working On Any New Projects ? If Yes Tell Us About It

* YES. I am currently working on four projects. The first is “ELERA” which will be out by October and “NEVER LET GO”. Remember what happened to Jacob at the PENIAL in ( Gen 34:23- 27) this song is heavily load, so much power of God in this song, followed by “OLORUMI” and “USE ME LORD” powerful vibes that one must listened to and get blessed.

Any Last Words For Your Fans

* Fans of Miracle V, thanks to you all for choosing to be my fans, you are all part of my dentinical journey and in my success story, much appreciated. Please keep praying for me as you anticipate more songs from me, God bless you, ❤️❤️❤️ you all.

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