Exclusive: Kingdomboiz Interview With Nigerian Fast Rising Artist, “Cerulean”

Kingdom Boiz recently had an interview with Cerulean, an Urban Gospel artiste who is also the brain behind the new Gospel Label, Shake The Foundation Records, to find out how the journey has been and what new project to expect. Here are the highlights.

 • What are your birth names please and can you tell us a little about yourself ?

My birth name is James Oluwatobi Adelaja. I’m from Ogun State. I have a passion for souls and a passion to see God’s kingdom, advance beyond the church walls. I love to see positive changes in the norm and in society and I believe music is a weapon that can be used everytime to achieve this ends.

• You’ve Had Success Doing “ Gospel ” Music , Did You Ever Regret Going Into Gospel ? . 

Yes I’ve had sucess and I have no regret.

 • How Did You Start Music?

I started as a little child listening to people with such gifts and endownmemt and thinking, what’s missing, what can be done differently. what can I contribute to this industry? Many people say the songs are distinct and original and I think it’s due to this mindset.

• Are You Working On Any New Project ?

Yes the countdown has begun. It’s less than a month to the release of the Pop, Dance and Electronical Gospel Album. It’s a project I started 5years back. I released an Ep in 2014 and a pretest in 2016. It”s been delayed for close to 2 years but finally it’s going commercial. The problem I experienced was peculiar to gospel music. We experience this problems not just in Nigeria but in Africa as a whole. Everybody agrees music is lucrative but getting investors can become a bit of a problem. We still don’t have enough management and labels to cater for the enormous talents teeming in the population

 • Have you had any challenges as a Gospel Artiste/Producer?

I’ve had a couple but I don’t see them as a challenge persay, I see them as a opportunity to grow. I’ve met quite a number of people who have a wrong perception of what I do. You see, most people try to put you in a category before they even know you. I find it quite fun breaking these stereotypes.

I’m a gospel artiste and yes I’m not trying to sing like Kirk Franklin even though he’s a role model or drop my lines like the Rooftops even though they are mentors. I adore them but I believe everyone have their unique place. Sammie okposo, Mike Abdul, they are icons and everytime I listen to them, It feels like I’m in heaven, and though I’m okay with what they do, I umderstand that functions and calling are different. We have music for praise, we have music for worship, we have music for evangelism and not just for communion, so if there’s anything I want to do, I want to emphaisze a new trend and encourage new artist to dare to venture into these relatively unexplored terroritories.

• What Would you like to say to your fans?

I want to appreciate everyone who has been a part of my musical journey, thank you for your love and unwavering support. I also like to appreciate all the media stations and the Deejays who have included my works in their mix. A very big shout out to the team at Kingdom Boiz. Thank you, I love you guys so much.

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