Find Out How To Thrive In All Seasons And Receive Your God Given Inheritance In “The Blessing” by Rotimi Kaleb


Rotimi Kaleb in his new book “The Blessing: God’s Plan for Mankind” explains a depth and insight into the blessing of God like never before seen. He asserts that, “The same blessing that is In Christ is in every believer! The same Identical life that is In Christ is in the born again believer”. Read Rotimi’s The Blessing on OkadaBooks and get a free N150 free credit when you sign up today at   

The book explains how a true saving faith will change every Christian and what it means to truly walk in the fullness of The Blessing. From switching lineage and belonging to a new lineage in Christ, the book sheds lights on the power every Christian possess and the inheritance they have come into. 

Dr Jane Onaolapo (one of the people who endorsed the book) Senior Pastor of the Abundant Life Gospel Church in Lagos, maintains that …

“Rev Rotimi clearly unfolded the revelation of the Root of the Word ‘To Bless’ in another dimension that will revolutionize your life.”

Excerpts From The book

On The Blessing 

The Blessing was what the nation of Israel enjoyed as they moved from victory to victory, until they were established as a nation in their Promised Land. During His earthly ministry, Jesus operated in The Blessing and He has now bestowed it upon us (The Church) – who are the continuation of His earthly ministry. Read Rotimi’s The Blessing today!

In the chapter where he expertly deals with curses, he asserts that:

“It is easier for the believer to walk out of a curse than it is for her to come under the influence of a curse. The believer cannot be cursed. He can be influenced by a curse because of ignorance, but he cannot be cursed. You don’t have to be in bondage to any curse or satanic oppression anymore. Your freedom was purchased. This very moment, by the truth of God’s Word, you can begin to experience the Blessing and live above every generational curse.”

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