Florocka: The Music Producer Teaches Importance Of Clarity In Singing


The producer, singer, and songwriter stresses
the danger of the artiste sacrificing being
audible in his singing for melody.

Florocka shares his knowledge as regards the art of singing with clarity.

The sound engineer explains that when singing, the artiste should ensure he is clear and unambiguous with the lyrics to his songs.

The award winning producer, singer and songwriter emphasizes the importance of the listener being able to hear precisely what the artiste is saying in his songs, and should not sacrifice that for sweet melodies, warning that it was capable of not ensuring longevity of the artiste’s career.

“When you’re singing, the most paramount is for the listener to hear what it is that you’re saying, once the listener cannot hear a single word you’re saying you’ll lose them, and when you lose them that’s it, you’ve lost one audience.”

Florocka has been in the music production business for over 24 years. He has written, co- written, produced and worked with countless number of artists including ‘Midnight Crew’, Áyodele Vincent’, Wale Adenuga, House on the Rock, Sammie Okposo, Mike Abdul, Jedi, Mike Aremu, Tosin Martins, BOUQUI, Kore, ‘Nikki Laoye and many more.

The music producer currently runs an academy where he teaches students about Worship, Music, Business Ethics of Music and Spiritual – Governmental positioning in Ministry. He currently has six albums to his name.

Watch Florocka school on the art of singing.

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