For Couples: 5 Things You Should Say To Your Spouse Daily

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Couples in healthy relationships would agree that it is important to take the other person’s needs and wants seriously.

These words express the love, care and support you have for your spouse. Below are five things you should never fail to mention to your partner daily:

1. I love you

These three letter words go a long way. No matter how far you have gone in your relationship, never forget to say the words. It is the magic statement in every relationship.

2. I am sorry

For a peaceful and healthy relationship, you need to familiarise this words. It literally takes nothing from you to apologise when you are wrong or even for peace sake. Baseless issues have ended strong relationships. Is the person worth fighting for? Then never forget to use this words.

3. You look great

From time to time learn to throw in compliment. Even if your partner doesn’t care about their appearance, it is only logical to make it known that you still find him/her attractive.

4. I miss you

Whether you are in a long distance relationship or you see your spouse on a regular it is important to use this words from time to time.

5. I trust you

Trust is an important part of every relationship. As much as this words are important, put it into action is triple important. Let your spouse know from time to time that you place your trust in them and encourage them to maintain the trust.

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