Frank Graham Says Orlando Shooting ‘Symptom’ Of A “GodBless Nation”


The massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando,
Florida, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S.
history that has captured the world’s attention,
was a “symptom” of the country’s spiritual
condition, asserts the Rev. Franklin Graham.

During a prayer rally held Wednesday in
Madison, Wisconsin, a stop on the evangelist’s
“Decision America” tour, Graham said that
America brought the mass shooting upon itself
because it has become a “godless nation,”
reports The Cap Times.

Graham began the rally, which drew nearly
6,000 to Madison’s Capitol Square, with prayer
for the Orlando massacre’s 49 dead, 53 injured,
affected families and those in attendance.

“It was a privilege to stand in prayer with
thousands of people who love the Lord and
love their country,” wrote Graham on Facebook.
Although dissenters of the evangelist dotted
the crowd, most were in silent protest, waving
rainbow flags representing the LGBTQ
community, signs promoting secular-themed
messages, or donning hats promoting the
message “God Bless America Again,” seeming to immitate the presidential campaign slogan of
presumptive GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

Despite the opposition, Graham was satisfied
with the rally, as he indicated on Facebook,
writing, “Yes, there were some protesters,” he
wrote, “but that’s okay; they heard the Gospel
message I shared as well.”

He continued, “Some atheists held signs that
said, ‘I’m not afraid to burn in hell.’ That is very
sad — one day they will change their minds.
The Bible says that every knee will bow and
every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is
Lord. Every person is going to face eternity in either Heaven or Hell. The most important thing
in this lifetime is to trust God’s Son, Jesus Christ,
as your Savior and to follow Him as Lord for the
rest of life.” oll

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