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Whoever emerges winner of the 2016 United States Presidential Election will make history as either the first female president, or the first president without a political or military background.

6.00PM EST – Polls close in Indiana, Kentucky and Vermont

6.57PM – Trump wins Indiana (180,000 and counting votes) and Kentucky (138,000 and counting) to claim 19 of the 270 needed electoral votes | Clinton wins Vermont to claim 3 electoral votes

Clinton claims 102,000 (and counting) votes in Indiana and 69,000 (and counting) votes in Kentucky

7.00PM – Polls close in Georgia, Virginia, and Florida

7.13PM – Trump in the lead with over 1.09 million votes. Clinton following behind with 817,000 votes

7.24PM – Clinton takes the lead in Florida with 49.2% of the available results while Trump significantly ahead in Georgia with 72% of the available results

7.31PM – Trump wins West Virginia to clinch a total of 24 electoral votes. Trump also overtakes Clinton in Florida by 0.7%

7.43PM – Trump leads in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. Clinton leads in New Hampshire

7.48PM – Clinton overtakes Trump in Florida. Donald Trump leads in Ohio.

8.00PM – Polls close in Illinois, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, District of Columbia, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Missouri, Texas, Maine and 6 other states.

Clinton maintains lead in Florida and North Carolina

8.38PM – Clinton now in the lead with 68 electoral votes while Donald Trump follows closely with 66 electoral votes. The battle for Florida still stiff as Trump takes over the lead with 91% of the votes in.

9.00PM – Polls close in New York, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico and more.

9.17PM – Electoral Map Update: Trump – 129 electoral votes | Clinton: 97 electoral votes. NOTE: 270 needed to win and 312 electoral votes still available.

10.00PM – Polls close in Montana, Iowa, Nevada, Utah. Trump ahead with 139 electoral votes as Clinton follows behind with 104 electoral votes. Trump maintains lead in Florida, Georgia and Virginia

10.02PM – Total National Votes – Trump: 28,488,836 million total votes (49%), Clinton: 27,385,663 (47.1%)

10.30PM – Trump wins Ohio, Clinton wins Virginia. Trump has 167 electoral votes while Clinton holds on to 131.

11.00PM – Trump wins key state of North Carolina. Electoral votes: Trump gets 201 while Clinton gets 197.

11.28PM – Trump leading in Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Hampshire. Clinton leading in Pennsylvania. Clinton wins Washington. Trump wins Florida.

12.00AM – Clinton wins California, Oregon and Hawaii

12.18AM –


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