“Go Back To Your First Love, You Dont Belong With Them” – Gospel Rapper, Gamie Passes Message To Music Artistes


Gospel Rapper Gamie Olumide Okesanjo Took To His Facebook Page To Share Helpfuly Tips And Passes Advice To All Music Artiste. He said!!

Dear Artiste,
I know you feel discouraged, you feel people don’t know your worth and have taken you for granted. You started out wanting to make a difference with your gift but now you feel choked, burnout and exhausted. It seems you have nothing to show for the labour of love you put in all these years. You’ve been committed to spreading gospel but it seems these people aren’t interested. Even with all the free downloads you offer. I mean, you decided not to do it for the money so you got a job on the side to keep up. You pay large sums of money to ensure the best quality for your work. Your colleagues have moved on with their lives but you’re stuck with this passion for souls. Perhaps you wonder if this is a gift or a curse.
You’ve been advised to go secular, change your approach, dumb it down, and so on but you refused. You’re soul’d out for the gospel. You’d rather die than give it up.
You believe that the greatest gift you can ever give is the gift of the gospel and you have chosen to share it with the world.
You’re an artiste, a human with needs and feelings. You care about others but wonder if they care about you.
You understand the world loves darkness and hates LIGHT, TRUTH, GOSPEL but how about the Christians. At least they ought to share the same passion for the gospel as you do…
Ermmmm! they say you’re not a member of their church, leave your church and join our church they say. Work diligently until our pastor sees you and endorse you. Our man of God will announce you to the world. Don’t worry!
Now you have changed church 10 different times and served under different pastors. You even managed to endure the various doctrines in these churches. Yet no man of God has endorsed or announced you to the world. You look to the bigger acts for advice but they say you must go to the mountain and pray. Seek the face of the Lord they say. Send money to different prophets to pray for you. Sow a seed, give a sacrificial offering, pledge, vow, give your first fruit, you’ve done it all.
Still nothing to show…
Dear friend,
I know it looks as though you’ve got no reason to move on. You can’t seem to find the strength even if you wanted to.


Seeking validation from people will only take you so high, then leave you without support and you come crashing down. Everything comes with a price, being endorsed by a pastor isn’t proof of salvation. Many no longer speak truth today because they are on a church’s payroll. Afraid to speak truth because they ‘dare not bite the hand that feeds them’ so they preach a different gospel. The gospel of validation. They have altered the gospel to suit their pocket. They have monetized the gospel.


That’s why you don’t fit in.
Return to your first love.

“This is not an attack on the Christian Faith or the Church but an attempt to point out the various challenges and to seek solution in God’s word





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