God Used Frank Edwards To Bless Two Beautiful Babies With The Sum Of N50,000 Each

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Frank Edwards Is Well Known when it comes to giving . he’s not just doing it and this not the 1st time & it won’t be the last. As it has been part of him..

He decides to trend a post yestarday titled #Randomblessings.. And also decides to bless two beautiful babies with the some of N50,000.

See how it started!!!


#Randomblessing pls DM your account details I have a little gift for your baby🙏🏼 @sandrahenshaw9  is that your baby tho ??


@sandrahenshaw9  Done !! Congratulations to your baby!! God bless🙏🏼 in addition I rebuke death & sickness in the baby’s life.  Baby will grow up blessed!! In JESUS NANE!


Randomblessing @iam_nurse_cynthia your baby just attracted a blessing !! Pls DM your details let me bless d baby and get demons more upset


@Iam_nurse_cynthia Transaction Done ! check  ur acount 😀 God bless your baby and every child all around the world. Even the ones I’m unable to reach!  Love & blessings❤️☂️


Awww !! Here is a testimony from @iam_nurse_cynthia  when ever the Holy Spirit moves me to give I know he wants to meet a need🙏🏼🙏🏼 thank you JESUS!

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