Gospel Artiste, Sonnie Badu Has A Very Important Message For Mark Zuckerberg

UK Based Artiste Sonnie Badu Took To His Instagram Page To.Pass a message to CEO of Facebook. Mark zuckerberg. He said

Dear @zuck, I am very disturbed and angered at the channel I. Which FACEBOOK is gradually gearing towards . I believe some measures should be put in place to curb the unnecessary exposure of certain things that should be kept in private. By that I refer to the death and dead bodies to be precise. I make reference to this because it’s very worrisome for someone to envision how their loved one dies in the eyes of the public. Again, its very troubling when the public actually please themselves in light of someone else’s plight. Another major concern I have is people Facebooking live sex. What are we teaching our younger generation or exposing them to in this social media hungry world?
I quite understand it’s business as usual for you, but where lies our morality and respect? My humble suggestion though is that if these very disturbing areas are fetching you the most money, please make them private and add a fee for those who seek pleasure in that regard. But to make it available, and non-rated to all is very mind bugging. Please allow the dead to rest in peace!! #DrBadu

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