Gospel Artists Says “Awards Are Distractions To The Gospel” Do You Agree?


Recently a conversation was made on facebook about gospel awards and a music gospel artists posted. He says:

‘Heavens rejoice when a soul is saved’.. And not’
Heavens rejoice when a gospel artiste bagged an
award. Awards to me are distractions to the gospel.

Okay!!! Generally Do u agree awards are distractions to the gospel? If you think sooo then..drop ur comment below

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36 thoughts on “Gospel Artists Says “Awards Are Distractions To The Gospel” Do You Agree?

  1. I agree with him 100%. Awards shouldn’t be a source of encouragement to a christian to keep up a good work, endorsements come from God. Awards could take the place of God and make the artist a contestant rather than a minister. Scriptures says strife for an imperishable prize….

  2. I do no. It is Not. We are only replicating what will be in heaven. God has an award ceremony too. When people Start sounding like this, then There is so much to question about them.

    1. Your reward in heaven is life. Not a grammy etc… It’s everlasting life. We are to have no division and have the same mind perfectly joined together – 1Cor 1:10. Give the scripture that says we compete in preaching,teaching,ministering,walking in the word, what’s the book and verse. Remember we are to prove all things -1thessalonians 5:21

    2. Thanks Isaiah. We win souls because we don’t want them to perish. We also win souls because of the crown of glory we expect to receive in heaven. What we get here on earth is award. But what we get in heaven is reward.

  3. When you know your stand with christ it doesnt matter.4 award are proov of hard work.then you will tell me its a crime to mak money.ceaser to ceaser

  4. well lack of understanding is the reason for this kind of post…. its just like saying the reward in heaven is a distraction to salvation… Most of Jesus’ examples about the kingdom was compared to earthly rewards so what are y’all saying

    1. Lack of understanding, Thanks 100% right. And i think that`s why those who do secular Music are far gone ahead. What type of Christians are we really if we can be asking questions like this?

      1. The point is are you God? How sure are you that the person is not recognised in heaven. Let’s just leave judgements in God’s hands.

    2. What apostle competed with the others? When did Jesus tell them they are to compete against each other. We are to have the same mind and care for each other as saints, not compete against each other, for what? The gospel is God’s word not our’s.

  5. please leave award organizers to encourage the gospel acts, its people like the clown that posted that mediocre post on fb that made young acts like WizKid and Wande Coal leave the Church… who should be awarded… the worldly folks or the ones making the Father proud…. make I hear beta tin joor

  6. Thats a big lie,gospel artistes deserves more award than circular artistes,cos they practice more. From johnpraise(a christian boy) am saying thats a lie.

  7. Now, when Jesus was in the world, were is it written in the bible that he was given award for his good deed… So let take for example when the give an artist award as the best artist of the year.. There will be pride and other artist will do all the could to get the award next time, which he or she have forgotten that he was suppose to win souls for the kingdom nd not award.

  8. Music is relative. What you regard as music. May not be music to another. So awards may not perfectly fit Gospel music. We worship God in spirit. No competition. God knows the True worshipers.

  9. Hmmn… please this issue is not a big thing, I believe that before anyone can even become a gospel artist they need to be matured and sound with the gospel.. therefore doing gospel is not for everyone but reverse is the case, most people just want to sing because its Christian and they want to use their voice for God and look good before their pastors and parents (but there’s more to that), that’s why people who were formally singing in church or for God end up singing for the world in other to get money and fame. Going to do gospel is like going into a ministry. .. the artist is not just entertaining but also ministring anything apart from that, then they person is not different from Timaya (if you get what I mean).
    Coming to the issue of awards…. its a means of recognition. This means its not just music ,so pastors and ministers having bestselling books, movies and all are also in this category. When you get an award it shows that you are exceptional in your art, it rewards hard work, it encourages hard work and not mediocrity. You cant just expect an artist who did a rushed job , ddnt flow well, ddnt get good mix and mastering, don’t have messages not to talk of impacting fans to get a round ofapplause for that but that person might have a good relationship with God. Now look at som1 that has been able to influence a whole culture, does music that he puts enough time and resources to bring to life and also got a good relationship with the Father… do you think he deserves a standing ovation? Yes, he does! The Bible even said your gifts will make you stand before kings and not just mere men. The gospel is for everyone but the art of music needs to be recognised. When you get recognised you strike new attractions. … the world wants to listen to what you have to say or sing. You won’t just attract mere men, you will attract greater set of people and doing this you are bringing glory to the kingdom (mttw 5vs16). I will end by saying what is your motive of doing gospel music? Is it to lift God up or to get popular and have money Because if its to lift God up and its sincere from your heart you wont do just any art for God and you will prosper, get recognised by God and Men! Common, Daniel, Joseph, David were recognised for what they did best…it ddnt just get into their heads (all glory went to God) Thanks! @tEbzsmith

  10. yeh hes ryt been a minister is all abt winning soul not bagging on award bt dia is nting bad in appreciatin a minister hu is always willing to win souls for christ.
    Any good must b appreciated

  11. God will not come down from heaven to award any Gospel Artist, He connects the right people to bless you with all that you need. Wake up Christian, do u know why on the 25th of December a lot of Christians go to the Night Club? You don`t have a clue of what is happening in this world do you? We talking about Blessing lives and Changing lives through Music and u say it will be distraction? Where that Devil ? The day you become born again that word is not a factor as a Christian you should work on your thoughts.

    Ahead ahead. God first

    One Love for the Gospel Artists

  12. There is a great different between Award and reward. Award is a recognition, Appreciation to the effort of someone. Now I ask you, is it good to give gifts to your Pastor? Award is the general recognition of brethren or Christians as a whole to an individual, for his support for the furtherance of the Gospel. It serves as an encouragement for the work. Be wise and do the work. Get busy with your life and talk less.

  13. Now, when Jesus was in the world, were is it written in the bible that he was given award for his good deed… So let take for example when the give an artist award as the best artist of the year.. There will be pride and other artist will do all the could to get the award next time, which he or she have forgotten that he was suppose to win souls for the kingdom nd not award

  14. The question is,what if u get an award and u still recognised by heaven?its good to appreciate God’s giftings.If u are truely aa xtian,u should not let worldly recognition take God’s place in your life#

  15. If we don’t agree with or encourage awards, then who does and who are they meant for, if not christians? We should stop giving credit to the devil for nothing sakes cos he doesn’t deserve none. These things are meant for WE and not for the world, we give and create the steps they should walk in and not the other way round. The bible says” if ur earthly parents know how to give good gifts, how much more your heavenly father” stop with these santimonius and religious beliefs and sayings cos religion can never and will never take us to God, only HIS son can. Live like the image you’ve been created after and in same likeness, the good things of these life belong to the children of God, throw of poverty mentality. God bless

  16. I see nothing wrong with appreciating hard work of a Gospel artiste with a award, but the artiste should not set his priority based on pursing the award, he should set his preferences and tasks aim in propagating the gospel of God, and redemption dat should be a minister aim, not awards, aretimes awards brings about conflicts between artiste, some wil say dat dey deserves d award more dan d oda party via-visa, when diz happens it wil leads to confrontation nd hatred between ministers, it wil turn out to b not preaching but been enticed wit fleshes desire which does not glorify God. @IamGodson12

  17. who will agree that awards are distractions to the gospel ?

    I mean almost every “so called minister” really wants one these days.

    Now, they not only leave “vote links” on their pages but they take their campaign a notch higher to tag you & choke your inbox with their link(s).

    Even if you’ve never listened to any of their song(s) & see/hear them minister live, yet they still seem to want you to vote for them.

    People who never inbox you their whole life be like;
    “Hello dear 🙂
    Your boy/girl wxyz has been nominated for the so so so gospel award. Pls goto http://www.kingdomsongsvotingdotcom to vote for me. You can vote as many times as possible”.

    They may even add “ehe 😀 voting only costs N50, don’t forget you can vote as many time as you like”.

    Ha! I don’t think this is good enough!!!

  18. wow wow wow let me just say its only poor people who post things like this. am a gospel art i win soul, i write script, i dance all for God and furthermore am still recognized in heaven and come this Christmas I’ll be given an award for my heard work throughout the year now don’t you think that’s a good way to boasts my moral ahead of 2016? go get a life please critics are those without dreams who talks about those with dreams so I’ll say it again go get a life i tprimepeterz i stand for the gospel till rapture comes again go get a life

    1. The gospel is not about “me,me,me” self denial is walking in christ, Matthew 6:1-4. So if God does not want you to do good and bring the attention to yourself why would you believe he wants you to compete and win awards for spreading the gospel.

  19. Awards are self glory, we are not to compete 1st of all, did the disciples compete on who preached the best? No. Make the music with God’s word in it, don’t seek your own glory.we must always remember what we do music for, to teach, preach God’s word.

  20. Rapture a lie? Friends be careful what you take in here.Anyone who doesn’t believe in the rapture is certainly not of God

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