Gospel Singers Ae Maltreated In Nigeria- Adegoke Adeyemi.


Over the years, gospel music in Nigeria has struggled to find a fertile ground on the music scene because of people’s general disposition towards it, and by extension it affects gospel singers and the growth of the musical genre. Adegoke Adeyemi, a gospel singer and one time lead vocalist of gospel crew, De Xploit, has lamented the deplorable state of gospel music in Nigeria.

Adegoke & Favour
In a brief chat with Potpourri, Adegoke who just recently released a single, Onise Iyanu, featuring his wife, Favour Adeyemi, explained that gospel music in Nigeria is worthwhile but gospel singers need to understand what gospel music is about.

“I think it is important we understand what gospel music is. I will rather say that gospel music in Nigeria is worthwhile but with its own challenges. One of the challenges is that we have a lot of people who do not understand that being a gospel singer is a calling and not just a hubby. This is the reason we have mix multitude in the gospel music industry today; fame and money are what they are after”, he opined.

He admonished gospel singers to see themselves as beacons meant to lighten the way for others. He advised that though they are in the same craft with secular artistes, gospel singers ought not to compare themselves with them. “When gospel artistes begin to compare themselves with secular musicians then something is wrong.

If you look at the company some gospel singers keep you’ll wonder what kind of ‘light’ they are. This has really affected the quality of songs in the industry. Another thing is the ill treatment of gospel singers; we should know that some of us are full time gospel singers and should be treated as such. Adequate care and appreciation should be done as occasion demands. At least you will take care of yourself, your crew members and pay tithe and other kingdom obligations”, he lamented.

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